About Me

Daughter, sister, friend, a baby sitter, a metal head, a gamer, for some also a geek.
A perfectionist, a procrastinator, a knitter, a crocheter (or hooker), a sewer, a crafter, a designer, an amateur photographer…

{Nací, crecí en Catamarca, vivo en Córdoba hace 5 años,
Estudio traductorado y profesorado de inglés, estudié portugués, se un poco de francés y polaco.

Me gustan los idiomas, las artesanias y Opeth que es la banda con la que me identifico en cierta forma.
Hija, amiga, hermana, “niñera” voluntaria.
Dos agujas, crochet, costura, diseño (grafico, web, moda) y fotografia}

· My favorite color of all times is Teal,  I like all colors though, (in less importance, orange and yellow, I look really bad in amarillo) I think it also depends the space and mood.
·I listen to music all day while I'm doing other stuff, I spend time reading and learning new things -my dad used to tell me that you should not go to sleep without learning something new in the day-
·I'm studying English at {click "More" to read more...}


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