Thursday, September 15

Embroidery in progress and lots of words

WIP - embroidery for grandma

 This is the design I chose (I actually changed a few things of the original) to embroider for the embroidered frame for my mom, inspired by the beautiful work of my grandma Luisa.

 At first I was going to embroider a rose with satin stitch or a filling stitch, but then my dad bought me a new crochet magazine which is part of a weekly collection and in the last page I saw a pretty embroidery project and I instantly thought it was my inspiration for this.

 It's funny how things happen, I remember being worried about finding the right frame, I went store after store and nothing, and then one day as I was walking with my dad in BA, we came across a store with lots and lots of frames, they were wide and plain, perfect, like I had pictured in my head.
 And before that, when the project was still a vague idea, I was at a craft store waiting to check out, when I saw DMC 967 "calling my name",  it's a tricky color and they didn't have darker tones to go with but I just knew it was the one so I bought it and then after a lot of walking I found the other two tones, 3824 and 3341.

  About my stitches, well, I'm definitively getting better at french knots, I said I hated them but now I really like them, it's just matter to choose the right needle, the right number of threads and how you hold the hoop. My bullion are kind of ugly, I still can't get them perfect but, it's matter of practice and keep on trying.

 I like leaving the "ugly" stitches on purpose, I like getting a perspective of my evolution in this... in everything actually, my first posts here are a mess, ugly pics, and confusing words, I'll probably think the same of this post in the future but I think it's important to look back and find that you are getting better everyday.

Back to the coincidence of my findings I know it's a lot to write over embroidery floss and a wooden frame but, I feel the concept applies to every aspect of our lives. All this just makes me think: If it is meant to happen, it will happen.
Life is kind of a puzzle, you find a little piece to fill it everyday, you just have to open your eyes and follow your heart.

More words (really? aren't you tired, I write a lot :S) and creative images that need no words at ourcreativespaces

Wednesday, September 14

Stitch Along

 This is one of the stitch along projects I mentioned before and forgot to blog. Welovefrenchknots Sewing Room Sampler, there were prizes for those who completed at least 2 squares until August 25th.
  So I joined but not because of the prizes (I never win anything :/ ) but because this was just what I was looking for after blogging about my grandma Luisa's antique embroidery. I thought it was a great opportunity to get back to embroidery, so I did and I didn't win a thing but I don't mind, I wasn't expecting to anyways :)

Sewing Room Sampler -wip-

I plan on making a cardboard box to store my hoops and wips so this will make a great lid.
This is not an updated pic, actually I started to embroider the bullion roses, also to practice for the embroidered frame I'm making for my mom. And to test the colors, I finally found the DMC colors I was looking for so, everything seems to be as planned.

Saturday, September 10

Happy Birthday in Polish and Tourist Language Learn & Speak app review

Happy Birthday in Polish

I hope that's not the only way to say Happy Birthday... actually I remember a song which goes "Sto lat, sto lat, nananna na."
But really, what's with the long complicated phrase? :( I can only pronounce urodzin, and I thought Monday was hard enough!

 This is the Tourist Language Learn & Speak app in my new phone, brought to me by turning 23 and family pressure to move on from my old cranky 5 year old cell which turns itself off when it pleases.
 I'm not into fancy stuff, the new phone is not that fancy (compared to what is on market), I couldn't (and still can't) get used to it... but once I discovered free language apps, I'm starting to like it.

I've found many language apps in Adroid Market but this one got my attention.
It offers common phrases and the alphabet and numbers of each language.
It has many countries (it also gives you a little info about each of them), it lets you choose your native language and allows you to do a search by languages too, it has many ones:
My Pros:
· Some that I was pleased to find, like Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Romanian,
· Some that I was surprised to see, like Arabic, Hindi, Hungarian, Latvian, Thai and Vietnamese.
My Cons:
· It lacks some, (but I think I'm being picky here) like Greek, Norwegian, Swedish, Afrikaans,
I don't know if this happens just in my phone but:
· In some languages, the voice is not natural at all, it does sound like a robot: in: Latvian, Romanian and Vietnamese,
· And in some it says the language is not supported, like in: Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Thai.

As I said, there are many language apps, I installed other Polish ones but they are not as good as this one, and also some Greek ones, but I'm not really happy with them.
Maybe I'm a bit overloaded of information here.

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