Tuesday, May 31

Speaking of the... Dragon

Wire-wrap Dragon Pendant with foil wings

 I just saw this in my Reader... so awesome, although I'm not into gold, so I'd make this in silver, the wings could be made with the metal of a soda can as the creator says, I thought I had an excuse not to make it, I don't have an awl, but sharp nails can be used, no excuses left... this goes on the list.



 Last week I started and (kind of) finished this lovely dragon from Lucy Ravenscar's blog
 I found her previous free dragon on craftster last year but I frogged the project because I chose cotton and somehow the body was little and the legs were huge :/, so this year I saw she updated the pattern so I gave it a try... and here he is, still eyeless/earless... for some reason I just don't get how to finish the ears, it looks so simple but I think I'm just over thinking the deal.
 I decided to crochet claws instead of embroidering, I think it gaves the leg more balance. I looked up images of dragon's legs and images of other's people dragon designs, but they are either embroidered, too complicated or for sale so, not what I'm looking for now lol.
 I just somehow repeated the spike pattern in a smaller size, it doesn't look like... dragon claws, more like duck feet but oh well, everything cannot look always real (I actually have a ... problem with this, I should crochet a pink elephant or a purple pig with wings to get a bit out of my "realistic box" :p)

 Anyways back to the claws, I did this:

Hope this make sense. 
I found the middle st (where I wanted the bigger claw to be) in the 3rd row of the leg, and in the 3rd st to the right I worked:
Small claw: {ch 2, sc into 2nd ch from hook, ss into next base st},
Bigger claw: {ch 3, sc into 2nd ch from hook, hdc into 3rd ch from hook, skip a base st (middle st), ss in next base st},
And again small claw: {ch 2, sc into 2nd ch from hook, ss into next base st and fo}

I worked with a 5mm hook to make the claws of the back legs (same I used to crochet the whole thing, body, wings, etc) and changed to a 3 mm hook to make the claws of the front legs.

I like how they look now, I think the dragon looks cuter with these claws, and of course it will be cuter with ears and eyes :p

Smok's legs with claws
{scratch my belly, please :3}

Monday, May 30


Resulta que quedo de hace unas semanas en el congelador una bandeja con 4 bifes de cuadril enormes, y con mi hermano ayer no teniamos ganas de comer carne al plato asi que... salieron las empanadas cortadas a cuchillo! // I happened to have a few steaks on the freezer and my brother and I didn't feel like, eating plain steak(?) so we just decided to make empanadas which turns out to be very simple.

  • Mi hermano se encargo de descongelar y cortar la carne en cubitos, corto dos cebollas  y puso todo en una olla a cocinar junto con una pizca de una especia que nos encanta: Garam Masala. // My brother diced the meat and two onions and put them to cook in a pot together with a little pinch of our favorite spice: Garam Masala.
  • Cuando estaba todo cocido y enfriandose, puse agua a hervir, cuando hirviò , puse dos huevos (y me quede un poco corta al final) y espere que hirvieran 10 minutos, los pele y corte en cubitos. // When the meat and onions were cooked and cooling (it's very important that the stuffing is cold to .. stuff) I put water to boil, and once it boiled, I put two eggs to cook for 10 minutes then I peeled and diced them.
  • Despues a armar las empanadas con un poco de carne (estaba cortada muy grande pero bueno), huevo, a hacer el repulgue, pintar con huevo batido, y al horno! // Then I put a bit of the stuffing in the dough along with a piece of egg, folded the dough, closed it, painted with beaten egg (beaten? lol) and then I just put the empanadas in the oven to cook.
No salieron jugosas como las verdaderas empanadas cortadas a cuchillo porque la carne no tenia grasa, igual salieron ricas, aunque tenia un poquito de mas la especia que es un poco invasiva, tiene mucho perfume.



Thursday, May 26

Why is Monday so hard in Polish?

 I'll probably never know the answer but I was stunned when I saw this on my new Spanish-Polish book:
Why is Monday so hard in Polish?

Why?, the first day is supposed to be the easier one! lol

Latin: dies lunae
Spanish: lunes
Portuguese: segunda (well, this doesn't follow the Latin root but it does make sense with the following days; Tuesday= terça [which literally means "third"]; Wednesday = quarta [fourth]; Thursday = quinta [fifth] and so on.
French: lundi
Italian: lunedi
English: Monday
German: Montag
Polish: poniedziałek !!! :/ it'd not be so dramatic if the word moon wouldn't be so different księżyc.

Nie rozumiem, co znaczy?

Edit:  Now I know! thanks to Google Translate I started to check how to say Monday in other languages, tried Dutch and it's Maandag then Swedish and still German alike, Måndag then I thought about going east and it is then when I found out! Ponedelʹnik in Russian and then Slovak and Slovenian are similar, so this image of an old post came to mind, of course! i was looking at the wrong branch and now I know, days of the week in Polish come from Slavic!

 Anyways, I've been with some health problems lately that put me under the weather for a while... but I'm ok now just trying to get back to normal, at least I'm not feeling depressed anymore, so that's good.
  I've abandoned this blog and I'm not proud of it, but it wouldn't be fair if I write depressing stuff here, it's not my goal so, I'll try to keep posting stuff, I have done so many things related to crafting and stuff, I just have to take pics and organize them, all this time I've thought about posting them but I'm perfectionist (and also a procrastinator :woops:)

So if anyone is reading this, have a good jueves/Donnerstag/Thursday or Thor's day (nice!) or like Polish say: Czwartek!

Be happy.

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