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Saturday, March 20

Spider Bracelet!

Yay, I finally did it! :p
During my days back home I grabbed the fabric I bought last month (the thing is I had a party, and I had to wear something red, and I had this awesome black v top I wanted to wear sine qua non (...ok that was nerdy) so I saw this awesome fabric and bought about 30 cm without hesitating and made like a bandau and wore it under the top, that way I was wearing something red and keeping away unwanted people from my staring at my... "chest")
 So while I was following the bracelet instructions I found out I've never worked with a silky fabric before, it's wasn't as easy as I thought but I traced the patterns onto the fabric and cut them and then I realized I didn't buy the felt to make it more... uhm thicker? so I just used a regular fabric I had around, I didn't think it was important, I liked the result anyways. The hardest thing was when I had to sew, I guess it was because the lack of practice on both, the sewing machine and the kind of fabric, the thread didn't want to stay threaded lol, and I had to adjust the thread tension a lot, and then the needle broke, I felt stupid :p, but I didn't give up, I finally finished it.

Lo hice!!, por fin!, deje de dar vueltas con esto, cuando fui a casa lleve una tela que habia comprado que me encantó y al final del día, antes de volver me acordé que no me tenía que ir sin terminar, así que me acordé de las instrucciones, que son fáciles pero cuando me puse a hacerla no era tan así :p.
Nunca había cosido una tela de raso... o satén no me acuerdo que es pero es parecida, así que me dió un poco de trabajo y una aguja rota, que inutil!! pero la terminé al final.
I read somewhere that red is hard to photograph... that person is so right, but after a few shots I got it. Here is the bracelet with a beaded spider I made with the things I brought from home. I'm definetely NOT a spider person but, it looks cute.
 I had to sew a snap on the middle too, because the fabric is kinda, well it's silky so I didn't want to take risks losing my money around :p
Me olvidé de comprar el fieltro (venden eso acá? debe ser como el pañolenci) para darle cuerpo, le cosí una tela asi nomás, igual la tela como es de raso (o satén) se abre así que le cosí un broche a presión en el medio para que no se escape nada.

What I brought from home

I brought my beads :D
All of these brings old memories, those magazines are from 2002, my parents bought them from me after they saw me so interest in making stuff for myself.
8 years ago, (*sigh that long?) I was in 8th grade and back then what I watched the most on tv was craft shows, so little by little I started to try those projects but my hometown is a small city, and most or all the materials and tools they showed on tv, weren't there. Also beading or making your own jewelry was odd, it was a "hippie" thing, I mean, Internet was only to check e-mails and chat online.
 One day my mom told me about a little bead store, so she drove me there, it was kind of cute now that I remember, the owners were a couple of old people (in a good sense) and they were really nice and they had everything in little boxes, I was amazed, I couldn't stop staring all of that, I wanted to take everything home, so after a few days I became a regular visitor and months later the "bead fever" started, diy jewelery magazines started to come out (i forgot the phrasal verb for "publish and sell") and so people started to sell beads and all the necessary material little by little, but I kept visiting the old little store.

 I remember my dad buying tons of magazines for me and my mom asking me if I wanted her to drive me to the little store again... they were like encouraging me. After a few months, while in my parent's hometown on vacation, my aunt asked me if I wanted her to sell my stuff on her store so I said yes and I arranged everything with packaging and displays and gave her most of the stuff I had atm, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins (I was kinda crazy, I was making stuff I didn't even wear, I was making those just for the sake of it) and finally I earned 50 bucks :p, my parents were really proud of me, but I was like "bleh it's not big deal, it's what I like to do".
 And after a while I stopped doing it, because it became massive and I feel what I was doing wasn't special anymore, I guess the comment "ah yeah, those are easy!, my 5 year old nephew can do them" pushed me back and I wasn't interested anymore, suddenly everybody knew, everybody sold, it wasn't a good viable hobby anymore, so I stayed put. Of course there will always be people better in what they do than you, or worse than you, or people more succesful but I felt like limited because I wanted more but I couldn't buy the stuff to make the things I had on mind, so I just keep making things only for me. It was a craft hiatus till I moved where I live now and i saw all those stores with infinite amount of supplies and I slapped my forehead several times like saying "damn it, if I only knew this before"... but it's fine, I'm cool now, the massive bead fever is kinda gone... or settled....
 Now everybody or most people are on the rush and just buy whatever it's on the shops. I still look for handmade stuff, I really care for the effort people have put on the items and it's better if I see I can do it myself,  I feel really proud when I finally get it done and I like the result.

I still want to take home everything from the craft stores and make stuff I wont even wear, I can't help it.


Tuesday, March 16

Hometown "flash-weekend"

Nice weekend back "home", spent some time with family, took nice pictures, went to practice driving with dad... I will always remember that Sunday afternoon, I didn't want to spoil the daughter-dad moments with my camera, but it was really nice.
And I finally made the bracelet, which wasn't that simple as I thought, but I'll post it when I sew the snaps on.


Sunday, March 7

Problem Solved

So, I solved the rug "problem", I had to unravel it, and do it my way, I made that one (the first one) following some instructions from an old magazine but... as I was making it, and clearly I could see, it didn't turn out well, so... I began to crochet it again following what I once read, something like: "if it curls, you need to increase, if it forms a wave, you need to stop increasing". And I also cut the white striped "yarn" in half, that way it was almost the same size as the blue one, that way I saved yarn and the result was better.

So it turned out almost perfect:

 Packed and ready to give it to my sister-in law... who actually loved it, I was so glad it turned out as I wanted it to be, it made my day.
Here is the graphic I used at first, I found it in an old magazine, the rug on the article was made with fabric strips and a mix of cotton yarn, which is not a bad idea, but I'll stick only to "fabric yarn" in the meantime.
Oh and I also found out how much yarn you get with a yard of fabric... less than 500 grams, so I don't think it's worth to buy and cut (I used this method), unless I buy it by weight on the sale area, but they don't always have good colors, and I was also looking forward to buy the fabric yarn from another city cos it's cheaper (1 kg = $10 and here is 1 kg = $13) but I lose when it comes about sending it, it was like $50 to send 6 kgs :/ so no way, I'll stick to the "sometimes" boring colors of the craft supply store.

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