Sunday, November 28

I'm back and... everything hurts

 So I'm back from Rammstein... every centimeter of my body aches.. people were crazy and there were also no screens so everybody wanted to see what was going on and pushed and keept pushing.

The gig was really amazing, a lot of stuff, a lot of effects, fire, explosions, I wish I could have seen everything more in detail.. specially Mein Teil but I was in a sea of people and it was impossible, I always go to the same spot in gigs.. to the left side kinda near the stage but not close to the barrier, it's always "calmer" in that spot, this time I changed and went to the right and again, I think it's because of the fact that there were no screens that people were all trying to push to get a good peek at what was going on on stage.First time that this has happened to me :/
I can't complain... but.. truth is, I've had better gigs than this one, "better" like.. I enjoyed more or was more "comfortable" and where people were less "crazy".

After a few shots with my camera... and getting blur and hands and cameras instead of R+ on my pictures.. I got frustrated and didn't try to take pics anymore. I also stopped trying to jump and try to see the stage... so I just tried to survive and enjoy the music, the combo Links 2, 3, 4, Du Hast and Pussy nearly "killed us" like one guy shout but it was fun.

I still get full of adrenaline when I listen to Rammlied, it was the opening song so everybody went crazy and pushed, funny thing I felt like "damn I want to get out of here/oh yeah!!*singing and raising my fist to "RAMM - STEIN!"".
I keep remembering when Till said "Tiburon, Tiburon" (shark) at the start of Haifisch (shark), it was funny, I was like "huh?", I think it's great they have songs in more than one language, I feel strongly attracted to that.

I was hoping they would play Reise, Reise, Rammstein, Amerika, Engel, Sehnsucht or Spiel mit mir but oh well, it was all about the new album, which is not bad at all.

A few pics:


Friday, November 26

A garment in less than 24 hours

I have this sleeveless top I really like because of the fit and length... so I copied it into a sleeve one... It was good because I got to remember how to make a sleeve from the patternmaking course.
It wasn't hard, a lot of pieces to sew but my pair of scissors didn't help from the begining... I need a new one, or even better.. a rotary cutter.. I always wanted one but they are kind of expensive. I think clean cuts make the sewing part a lot easier.

A blurry pic of the result... the neckline is not as neat as I'd wanted it to be but for a less than 24 hours garment is more than ok.

Today is the big day.. I'm leaving to Buenos Aires to Rammstein's gig tomorrow night. I'm going "alone" to a gig for the second time. First was Opeth and now Rammstein, I'm kinda.. anxious instead of nervous really. I'm going in a kind of tour the bar I go arranges, so there are 5 buses full of people going to the same gig... that doesn't make me feel so alone after all.

Wednesday, November 24

Pan Casero

Pan Casero

Hace mucho que tenia ganas de hacer pan casero, hace años que no comia, me hace acordar a la ciudad donde naci y me crie hasta hace un par de años (uhmm 2011 va a ser el 5to desde que me mudé... como pasa el tiempo)
  Hace varios dias que estoy viendo Utilisima de nuevo, lo veia con mi mamá cuando era chica, lastima que esta tan cambiado desde que se vendio... en fin. Desde la vez de la foccacia me di cuenta que hacer pan es muuy fácil y me gusta bastante amasar, se siente bien, y hacer este pan casero fue... demasiado fácil y rápido, no se porque no me anime antes. Receta

I've been looking forward to make (bake?) pan casero for a long time, it reminds me of my hometown, it was very easy, I've read some recipes and found one that is even easy to remember.
Pan Casero

  De fondo los individuales que me anime a hacer en un par de dias... llevo su trabajo, sus errores, pero bue, total... no son para vender, aunque me molesta que no esten perfectos.. pero... las fotos si tienen que estar buenas, asi que... cuando arregle todo.. saldran.

Sneak peak of the placemats I made days ago.. it was harder than I thought, I guess I wasn't looking for something easy. I'm happy with the results although they are not as neat as I'd like them to be... but oh well... we are in family, nobody is going to notice... but pictures must be good, so I'm going to take my time with that.


Friday, November 5

Fashion Inspiration: Cristina Scabbia

I'm not a fan of Lacuna... I like what they do but I'm not crazy about it.
But I really like Cristina, her personality is great and her taste in fashion is pretty much like mine... I would wear everything she wears, she is not a "pompous (funny word) dress and too much make up" kind of female metal singer, and that's what I like about her... besides the fact that she is Italian and that her skin/eyes/hair are like mine :p

Leather, metal, lace, jeans, black, white, blue, red... love it.
I love this coat! me wants it so bad :/
The buttons on the sleeves, I really like that detail, I actually have a jacket made with buttons like those.
I guess her designer and me are soulmates.

I was inspired by this pic to make a dress like this one, I love the effect of the sheer black with a plain fabric... I actually have the fabric to make it, but I've not decided what twist I'm going to give to it, it looks easy though. So far I have the boots and the corset :p
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