Friday, November 5

Fashion Inspiration: Cristina Scabbia

I'm not a fan of Lacuna... I like what they do but I'm not crazy about it.
But I really like Cristina, her personality is great and her taste in fashion is pretty much like mine... I would wear everything she wears, she is not a "pompous (funny word) dress and too much make up" kind of female metal singer, and that's what I like about her... besides the fact that she is Italian and that her skin/eyes/hair are like mine :p

Leather, metal, lace, jeans, black, white, blue, red... love it.
I love this coat! me wants it so bad :/
The buttons on the sleeves, I really like that detail, I actually have a jacket made with buttons like those.
I guess her designer and me are soulmates.

I was inspired by this pic to make a dress like this one, I love the effect of the sheer black with a plain fabric... I actually have the fabric to make it, but I've not decided what twist I'm going to give to it, it looks easy though. So far I have the boots and the corset :p

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