Tuesday, September 15

żółw, la tartaruga

Hace mucho que sigo este blog, tienen cosas muy buenas, me abrió un poco la cabeza a seguir haciendo cosas, aunque ahora esta en proceso de cambio y no entiendo mucho que pasa...  pero me sumé a hacer uno de los amigurumis que enseñan. :)
De esto tiene que salir algo como esto
⇓ horas después
(odio las fotos de mi celular)


Sunday, September 13

Mel's Anatomy

Cool, huh?... I guess I found that pic in an anatomy site or somewhere else, but yay for the site, I just love when I find great sites randomly, and I love anatomy, it's one of my favorite subjects. The site is called Street Anatomy, it has cool stuff, all related to anatomy (... and I wrote many times the word "anatomy" but whatever). Stuff like street art, books, photography, 3D illustration, tattoos, origami and some tutorials... I'm excited about it!!.

Here some pics

Random Patterns (UC)

Slippers and Socks for everyone.
·The golden snitch of Harry Potter.
·Scarf with leaves... so cute

WTF hat patterns! +

Dzięki dla odwiedzanie!  :)
Keep your ideas warm with one of these... or just to make yourself look ridiculous lol

· Super Mario inspired (according to the creator) the Chain Chomp hat.
· From the same creator of the Chain Chomp hat above... here the Shark Hat! The link is on Ravelry, so you are probably going to create an account to download the pattern.
· I have no comment on this lol
· This one is awesome, I mean, how can you think of a chicken viking hat? "chick" this out: (ok, that was a bad joke lol)
· Brain eating monster... self explanatory
· Reversible Pumpkin hat... I just love how the creator explains everything, all clear with pics and with humor, I think she plays wow because of what she wrote in a pic, but that's off the topic.
And last but not least, a hat for your pets (or for you), not any hat, a Fez!
I mean, a fez!

Fruit and Bottle Warmers
· Beer Sweeters... specially if you want your beer warm (huh? does anybody like warm beer?)
· Other beer warmer... but for game time.Touchdown!
· Fruit warmers patterns to keep your fruit warm and nicely decorated, (huh?) I like how the orange looks btw.

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