Sunday, October 31

Some random words about Halloween

We don't really celebrate All hallow's eve in Argentina, I say "don't really" because there are some costume parties and some clubs and bars have halloween theme nights and there are some decorations in some shops too. But we defintely don't  go trick or treating.

I had to read about this topic for Language I, I learned a lot about the history, in fact, i didn't know it was pagan/catholic and Irish. But I learned more about the modern halloween from tv/movies, and lots more in crafts blogs.
I think Hallowe'en is interesting, fun and the only occasion where spooky things like spiders, spider webs, bats, and things that are not supposed to be "fun" like tombstones, skeletons, ghosts, witches, zombies, are allowed to be laughed at and played with. I mean, the only month when you can have spider webs in your furniture and tombstones in your garden is October. I think that makes it more... playful?

Actually I have real bats all year... squeaking and flying on my window, it'd be a nice prop if we celebrated halloween :p

Anyways I've never been to a halloween party, for some reason I always have my mid term tests in these weeks :/... such a pitty.
What I want to get at is... halloween would be the perfect ocassion to make and wear a Kitana costume without looking nerdy gamer. These pics are from cosplays... I'm not that videogame lover to dress up in conventions, I mean, I can't imagine myself going to take the bus wearing a night elf costume.

This is my favorite one... the color and fabric are perfect.
And this one completes it:

Wednesday, October 20

Don't give up on your dreams

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.
Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education alone will not: the world is full of educated derelicts
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."
                                                  - President Calvin Coolidge

Bueno esto lo lei en un articulo de Ray Kroc que tenia que estudiar para un oral. El fue quien hizo Mc Donald's lo que es hoy. La verdad me sorprendio, no pense que una compañia tan... comercial tuviera este comienzo. El tipo siguio luchando por lo que queria (ser rico) aunque estaba viejo, enfermo, en algunos momentos muy pobre y habia fallado muuuuuchas veces.

En fin, siempre va a haber gente que te diga que lo que queres es muy dificil para vos o que te des por vencido y busques algo mas "a tu altura" o la tipica: "yo conozco a la hermana de la vecina de mi prima que intento y le fue re mal", pero si realmente quieren algo, ponganse en la cabeza que ya lo tienen y sigan insistiendo , no piensen en el tiempo que les va a llevar, ni las puertes que se van a cerrar, ni las malas notas que les van a poner, va a pasar, lo quieran o no, porque es parte de la lucha y cuando obtengan lo que quieran, todo eso ya no va a importar.

I wrote this on a note on facebook because some of my friends and I, myself, are going through a hard time getting what we want (don't we all?), I thought I'd share it here:

Quick translation:
Well I read this on an article about Ray Kroc, I had to read about him because he was in the topic of success, one of many I had to study for a language oral exam. He was the man who make Mac Donald's the place it is today. I was amazed, to be honest, I didn't thought a company so.... materialistic or successful would have a rough start. This guy kept on fighting for what he wanted, for what he dreamed for (to become rich, I don't think money is that good but anyways) He kept on fighting for that dream while he was old, ill, poor and had many failures on his life.

What I want to say is: there will always be people that tell you that what you want is too hard for you, or there might be someone that tells you to give up and try something "more at your level" because what you are trying is out of your league. Or the one that says: "I know this person, sister of neighbour of my cousin's, that tried and didn't make it" If you really want something, think that you already got it and keep going on fighting for it. Don't think about the time it's going to take, or the time you are going to "waste", don't think about the doors that are going to be shut in your face, don't think about the bad marks you may get, those situations are going to happen because, you like it or not, it's part of the "struggle" and nothing of that is going to matter anymore when you get what you have dreamed for.

Anteojeras | Blinders
Like my mom would say, something like: "Do like the horse, never look back, never look the sides, look the horizon and push."

Sunday, October 17

Mother's day, away from home, again

Mother's day project
Finished the mother's day project on time, it's in my mom's right now, just got off the phone with her, she really likes the birds, her words were: cute, chubby, real and ... yummy (because of the gummies). When I go home this Christmas, I'm definetely taking a pic of this in her living room, I chose this colors because they match perfectly with her decoration.
She is a ric rac fan too, I don't know why I like this ric racs so much, maybe because of vintage feeling, too bad they don't make them anymore :/.
Anyways, the project was a success! 
I don't know if this is part 2 or what but I gotta say I wanted to make something different for the nest, tried making circles and strips to give the "nest cloth" a nice convex shape but obviously, it didn't work so I quickly chose the easiest way, 2 fabric circles with the ric rac inside, turn right sides out, then a nice lace ribbon and another ric rac ribbon and done. Finished with hot glue, moss and some dry flowers.
Thanks Katie from Duofiberworks for sharing the little birds pattern! While making them (it was my first time with dp needles so if I could, I think anybody can!) anyways, while making them I got this incredible creativity rush that I hadn't had in a long time, so thanks :>.
Now... I have to go back to study, I have like 3 exams this week which is why I'm not with my family, it's not that bad though, I enjoy my alone time... even if I have to study all this: (which I'm falling behind with, woops)
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