Friday, August 20

Völkerball Richard's coat

So I'm watching Rammstein's Völkerball dvd and I can't help myself... I want a coat like this... so bad!

Shame I can't find more detailed pics... and while I was looking for pics I noticed I'm not the only one who thinks this coat is to drool for. And by the way I'm certainly not a groupie, I'm not the type: "omg XD he touched my hand!!", "he looked at me, HE looked at ME!!!" or "I love you, take me!!!!" or scream when they... do something lol.
Some musicians are hot, hmm Richard is kind of handsome... but it's not like he is going to notice me in all the screaming and sweating mass and propose me, even if he would, I'd say no, I don't like men who wear more make-up and use more hair products than me :)



  1. A girl who likes Rammstein/Games?
    Sometimes i think i live in another planet, not in Brazil/Earth :s

  2. Hey there, sorry I took a while to read this, I usually get tons of spam comments. Yeah, I'm into metal and games :) and yeah, I feel like an alien most of the times too.


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