Wednesday, February 24

Me wants to go to Poland.

(..)Ja tańczę, a niebo, niebo gra
Ja śpiewam, prze-niebieski czas(...) - Pasażer by Coma
 So, today again I have this insanity feeling to travel to Poland, good thing my brother is cheering me up to go. But... money, is always a problem, and to make it worse, the country is joining the Euro zone in 2012 (nooo, I hate euros, the exchange with my money is pretty bad with dollars.. so it is worse with those euros) So, I have 2 years to save enough money to go as a packpacker, or a year to save money to go to work to the states as an au pair for a year, save the money and go to Poland before they change!!

 I have this little crush with Poland, I find the country really familiar to mine... economy, people, religion, and the language, which is different to mine but they share a couple of words, which I find really interesting. It's like Italy, I'd really love to go there too but it's like... it's way too popular bleh, everybody went/wants to go to Italy or France or Germany. I find it more attractive a trip to, besides Polska, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria...

....I had/have the crush with Norway, Iceland, Sweeden and Finland as well... but while my brother and I were looking up how much is a coke in those countries, I was shocked when I saw Norway's GDP per capita!!! 

Norway -> USD 54900 ... so, an average person wins USD 4575 per month? holy...
Italy       -> USD 31200
Hungary -> USD 19300
Poland   -> USD 15500
Argentina ->USD12500 (I don't care, I still love my country :) )

-Numbers from this site-

So again with "how much is a coke in Europe", we type in, the word supermarkety(s?) and after looking a while we found this cool site with lots of supermarketys, it was a relief, we were checking through prices and they are the same or near the prices here!, so it's a yay for me. Cos... today Polish currency is pretty similar to ours ---> 1 USD = 3 PLN / 1 USD = 3,80 ARG.
And while we were checking out the supermarkets in Poland, we checked the German ones, it wasn't that bad, it was actually kinda the same, but what is bad (for me) are the ones in the UK, pounds are like... 1 pound = 6 or 7 ARG o.O, so it's like a lot of lot of money lol, No UK for me!!! (although I'd love to check out those castles, but no thanks)

And I have the food checked, the accommodation too (I've been looking for info a long while ago, just in case and for daydreaming... ) the hostels are affordable and a nice way to meet people from all over the world.
I checked the legal stuff, thank God I don't need a visa, checked transportation too, same with the maps cos I like to know where I'm going to be, well, I always do that when I want to go somewhere, I did it when I was about to go to Chicago and when I did go to Brazil (although everything was already planned by the company), and this time I kinda did it too, but I don't want to be all excited cos I still have to get there, and the ticket plane is a complete pain in the ass!

This text/post is a complete mess, I'm just typing what I have in mind, and I HAD to get it out of my mind cos I have to study later and I kinda have all of this going around, and one of the purposes of this blog is to work as a "dreammmmagnet".
I've been excited about this new 3 year Polish course, and now I'm more excited cos it seems more affordable, but *sigh, I want to do so many things.. the daycare, the first aid course (for the au pair thingy that I've been looking forward since 2008)... lol and COLLEGE.
The day HAS to have 25 hours!

Edit 8/8/2011 I don't like posts without pictures so here is a funny one for this post. "In Poland all dancing is Pole dancing" lol (and it's teal <3)

Source: via Josie on Pinterest


Sunday, February 7

Otra cosa más a la lista...

... Otra vez, me entusiasmé con algo, pero por lo menos es un proyecto corto... y muy util... igual no lo puedo hacer acá porque no tengo la maquina de coser :(

... Again I fell into sin :p, another project BUT this one is a short one, and I'm pretty sure I'll finish it... of course as soon as I go to my hometown where my sewing machine is :/. I love this bracelet, it's perfect for gigs or when I'm around with pants with no pockets and I don't want to carry a bag.


Saturday, February 6

FAILS: Sometimes you just need a little kick...

Well, I know I posted here I was going to do some projects and I've never talked about them again... and now I look back and I want to kick my procrastinating butt and...

....I feel kinda bad because I have a wandering (?) mind... it's like I am all excitiment about something and then I find a rock on the road and instead of jumping over it I look at the sides and get excited with a new idea or maybe I don't find a rock but I get bored of the project-idea-activity so I find  a new excitiment one and I left the previous one....and so on... that's how I been like with everything in my life since I have memory. (for instance, artistic gymnastics, ballet, ballet with other teacher, acting classes, ballet again, guitar lessons, graphic design and English (those last 3 I found out I learned better on my own so it doesn't count really)
 Some people have told me it's a good thing because I can be very creative, which I feel it's true... but I can't have constancy and it's a competitive world and on the other hand some people have told me I have to try to change but I don't agree with that either because it's the way I am.. and besides I tried and it didn't work :p. 

Anyway, I'm getting confused right now so... I'm just going just to see what I have and what I can do about it. Although I already feel "better", I mean... taking the pictures and typing about how I feel made kinda a positive change on my mind and now I want to study. (Turn out blogging is a great therapy)

· On this post I said I wanted to knit some gloves for me... and the "rock" was that I didn't find the perfect wool for the project I had on mind, I found some but they didn't look good when knitted on the pattern I wanted and worse with the little beads I wanted to knit with and it kinda push me back on the idea BUT then I found these punk rock corset gloves which I fell in love with, but it was like October and it was reaaally hot somedays... and kinda freshy but not to wear this, but I was all day thinking about them and I had the materials so I gave it a try:

Why should I kick myself for this project?... because I only made one glove -.-

Then on the same post I said I wanted to knit my friend Valeria some legwarmers.... but happened the same, it was hottt, so.. when in December I went to visit her I gave her my heart ;) and a one of the Christmas tree I made and she was all happy and cheerful.

· Moving on I said somewhere in this messy and empty blog I wanted to crochet a bag for my mom, well, I DID but didn't turn out well because of the size. The body should be wider or less wider so I can join 2, because when I finished it, it was too narrow and my mom wanted it to be a bit wider... so.. I started unraveling the base but I didn't want to unravel the body yet, cos.. it took me a while to crochet because of the yarn and the pattern, but I have to.. :(

· And finally what I was talking about in the previous post wich I still have to translate into English.. so with this one into Spanish, anyways I said I was making rag rugs, for some reason (no tv and no computer :p) while being in my hometown I finished a whole rug in 2 days... the idea come out cos my mom had this "totora" or "fabric yarn" and was knitting a rug with it but she didn't like it much because of the holes the large sized needles would leave so I told her I saw a rug made of crochet so I gave it a try and she really liked it... so she bought more yarn for me the other day and I finished a pretty red-green-white rag rug for Christmas.. and another one in grey and blue that I brought here but it's kinda dirty so I didn't take pics of it.
Anyway... I found here a pretty blue totora and another in white and blue stripes.. perfect matching for my apartment so...I made a rug out of them, final weight around 2 and half kilos.. about 5 pounds.

Problem: Because of the waves if someone is not looking while walking, that person could trip and fall.
Reason: the white and blue striped totora is wider than the blue one and it's also made of a different material so it gets wavy.
Solution: Unravel it and cut in halves the striped one and make it all over again.

Anyway... *sigh, I feel like I did nothing but I know it's not that way at the same time, it's just hard to trip and try to do it again knowing that you may trip again, but it is the way life is, like my brother said: "We hate working in vain but we have to learn how to stand up over that".

I do feel better and I feel something else I can't explain right now, so I'm just going to take a break on the deep thinking for a little while and maybe then show what I did finish and I'm proud of, but.. later..(...)and I want to kick my procrastinating butt(...) (!) and this is not procrastination, my camera is out of battery and I should go to study a little more. Catch you later blog.


Intentando hacer algo con "plarn"

Querido diario blog:
Estuve entusiasmada haciendo alfombras con totora, pero como me quede sin nada más que hacer, intente probar hacer "plarn" (hilado de bolsa de plástico).
Cuando vi el post de uno de los blogs que sigo, me sentí identificada con la foto de la montaña de bolsas de plástico, en mi departmento tenemos un mónton y también en mi casa... y en casi todas las casas creo yo... asi que leí el tutorial y es demasiado simple... asi que me puse a buscar entre la montaña de nieve de bolsas y encontre unos lindos colores... asi que me puse a hacer eso en vez de estudiar... :/

En la foto, una madejita de tonos verdes... y el "granny square" a medio hacer porque... pierdo más mi aguja de crochet nº7 que el control remoto...
Estoy pensando hacer un tutorial con fotos pero, la verdad 0 ganas, yo todavia ni se que voy a hacer... posavasos?, canasta de pan? bolsa para poner ....algo?.


Ps: Me siento muy rara escribiendo en español.
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