Sunday, September 13

Patterns for your gamer/sci-fi needs (part II)

Star Wars... you are not a complete ner... sci-fi fan if you don't know about this film series (I've never watched em though) but let's go to the stuff I found. (Edit: well I watched the complete 6 episodes and I loved it! :$, I finally understand all those analogies about "Luke I'm your father" and R2-D2 and how Joda speaks... please kill me.)

· A knitting chart of Darth Vader and many others to decorate your sweaters, bags or whatever.
· A Princess Leia Wig, although it's not a free pattern.
· Wicket the Ewok amigurumi pattern.
· Darth Vader and Donatello made of Plush
Enough of Star Wars, I've found more things related to sci-fi, for instance:
· Star Trek's Spock ears
· Dalek amigurumi from Doctor Who.

And I'm done with sci-fi stuff, to be honest, I had to look up the names to know a bit more about them cos... I had no idea, I'm not a big fan of sci-fi, I mean... I respect those who are but... I just don't understand the series.


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