Tuesday, December 27

My version of Taking Turns top



Got this done in a few hours, long story short, cos I'm posting from my phone and a very slow computer from my hometown, I'm happy with the results, wore this on Christmas and I also made another garnment which I still have to take pictures of cos I still have to make a frog closure for it, sigh. Oh and I also finished my mom's gift, which was an embroidered fabric covered frame, I'll post pics soonish, I don't think I'll have internet in my new place next week, double sigh.

Sunday, December 4

Mom's Garden

Embroidery Books... and moving ugh

It's been a crazy month, with exams and what it looked like an eternal search for a new apartment.  Luckily I've found it so now to the next crazy step which is, pack and move, I don't even know where to start, I only know it'll be a mess for a few days.

In other news, I'm excited because I've received a book (ok not an embroidery one) I ordered on Etsy back in October, The Flight of the Dragons by Peter Dickinson, I have a thing for dragons so when I found this vintage book for $10, I didn't think much, although I had to pay more than twice the price in shipping but I think it was worth it.

Another book that recently arrived after a super loooong wait (I've ordered it on sept 29th and it was supposed to arrive on Nov 10th, it finally did on December 1st. Amazon refund me the shipping money so I gotta say 5 stars for their customer service!) is Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh ideas for beginners by Trish Burr  I found out about the book in a review at Needle n' Thread's blog, that blue and brown bird was love at first sight, so I knew I had to get the book, that project is for advanced embroiderers  but a girl can dream. I'm not really into flowers in general but I know my mom would love each project in this book, so I'm sort of buying this book to make things only for her.
I don't think I'm ready to make a book review because I've not tried any project in the book yet, but I think this is definitely a good book for beginners, she explains everything in detail and with pics.
A nice detail I saw is... Trish uses metric system and imperial between brackets, I love that! it's a tiny detail but it's a detail that matters to me, I've seen other embroidery books at Amazon and it's all about inches and 1/4, and 1/8 inch and cm and mm are nowhere, as an English student I'm supposed to know or study the imperial system as well but I think authors should use both like Trish.

A few days ago, I found out Trish Burr released a new book, Colour Confindence in Embroidery*. It looks very very interesting, but I think it will have to wait till next year because I've gone crazy with Spoonflower's sales last month :p, I think I've bought enough for what I'd not bought in the previous months.

Another book review I found out about is the one for Embroider Everything Workshop at Wild Olive, it looked very interesting as well, so I went to Amazon to check if they had the Look inside feature, they did so I had a look, what I like about the book is that it has history facts and curious tips, also there is a wide explanation about the materials, like needles, threads, fabrics and it comes with iron on transfers, on the other side, the author uses imperial system (but I'm just being picky there) and also, the projects I was able to see are not thaaat stunning, but I'm more into realistic embroidery, so I guess it's fine and I might take that back when the book is in my hands, so it goes to my wish list for next year!

*Colour with U, color, elevator, among others, yeah, I'm weird, I write in American English and yet I don't use the Imperial system.


Saturday, December 3

Brownies and Pastafrola

Brownies and Pastafrola

I baked these two back in May and they were a success. 
This time I changed the recipe a bit.
Brownies: I changed nuts for inflated quinoa and also they are thinner, which made them be not as humid as brownies should be, but I got compliments anyways so it worked.
Pastafrola: this is the third time I bake this, never took pics of the last two because I suck at making the weaving, the dough is so sticky that at the end I give up and just roll the dough in my hands. This time I was smart enough to spread the dough between two freezer separator sheets and it worked. About the stuffing, it's always dulce de leche, the traditional recipe is with other jams like membrillo, last time I baked pastafrola, I got a little extra dough and baked a tiny one with membrillo jelly and it turned great when cut.
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