Sunday, July 31

Purple & Cream

Purple and Cream Mosaic
1. purple and cream, 2. furisode - cream & purple, butterflies, stream 3, 3. purple & cream, 4. Purple & Cream

 Winter is not over yet so I thought I'd try to get some mittens done before Spring comes... I've been looking forward to try some stranded or intarsia knitting, found great patterns at Raverly and after a while of thinking, I chose Variamo, pattern is not a problem (yet?)

I'm in a sort of a color dilemma... I have purple yarn in my stash, it's been there for a while and I've been hoping to find a good use to it.

Now I did, but I also have the same type of yarn in grey and cream, the first looks good with purple but I want to save it for another project with black. I'm still not sure about cream-purple combo though (my cream is kinda yellowish and purple and yellow are complentary colors, that's why I'm not sure about that contrast) but it seems it looks good in Nature, love that first pic in the mosaic, so I might just give it a try and see what happens when both colors are knitted following the chart.

Purple and Cream Astilbe

This is me...

I'm very low profile, I don't say much, but when I do, I really mean it.

Friday, July 29

Pinning while mourning my computer

dollhouse miniature computer table chair speakers
My computer is dead.. I saw it coming, she gave me signs...  Lately, she didn't want to run, sometimes she would go to sleep every 10 minutes or just froze, thought she was being lazy.
It's been fun these 6 years...  last year you almost deleted my hard disk where I store all my pics, music and projects, or that is what you made me believe for an everlasting week :S
 New parts-new OS-repeat and you are still bit--ing...
 I guess it's time to let her go and buy a new one... a compact one to travel with a powerful video card to enjoy movies and games. Or maybe she will raise from the dead... like many times she has.
Parisian Stories 2 - The Nerd 24
My marbles are still in place... not. Writting to a inanimate object is not sane.. I know.
Another insane activity (well, at least I share it with many others) I've been doing is... pinning, pinning, liking, laughing, awing and pinning.

I created an account at Pinterest, I found out about it at Smashed Peas and Carrots and I was like why not?.. to be honest, at first I didn't like it nor saw a good use in it.
I'm a very visual person and I love organizing, after making my first board... I couldn't stop :)

My first board is about all the pillow/cushions tutorials I had tagged/saved in my Google Reader, there are many of them I didn't even remember, so Pinterest is great for this.

Saturday, July 23

2 in 1 Blues and Green Pillow Covers

2 in 1 Blues and Green Pillow Covers


Finally I completed the other cushion to complete the set I started last year, so many projects at once make this happen but, baby steps, there is no rush.

I was inspired by a picture of some pillows in a magazine, then I added my own touch.
I used blues to match the triangle cushions and then added green, blues and greens, my favorite combination!
With this I learned how to sew two pieces which are not the same color and how to sew a zipper to a crochet project.

The pieces
A] I made 4 squares with half double crochet in this color pattern:
Row 1. Ch 27
and then 4 rows.
Light Blue: 2 rows
Blue 1: 2 rows
Blue 2: 2 rows
Green: 1 row
Blue 2: 2 rows
Blue 1: 2 rows
Light Blue: 2 rows
White: 4 rows, fasten off, weave in all those crazy ends, it's very important because later on it'll be easy to sew the parts.

My squares look kinda... odd, I think it's because of 2 reasons: 1 there are different types of yarn and 2 I might had crocheted them at night and might had made hdc where I didn't have to :p

B] I made a square starting with 6 ch joined by a sl st and then:
1. ch 3, 3 dc, *3 ch, 4dc, I repeated from * till I had 4 groups.
2. ch 3, dc in the last ch of the "3 ch" from last row, 4 dc in each dc and then 2 dc in the "3 ch" group, ch 3.
And I basically repeated this, making 2 dc at the beginning and end of each group in all the rows following this color pattern:
White: 2 rows,
Green: 1 row,
Blue/white: 2 rows,
Green: 1 row
Until I had, more or less, the size of the previous 4 squares joined together.

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