Friday, April 16


1. Crochet long sleeve top - on process, 2. Las mil y una noches - close up, 3. Cooking, 4. Pattern making - skirt

... I took a long Easter break and went home, had a blast with my family, I'm starting to miss my parents now... it's weird, it's been like 4 years since I moved but I had a great time with them.

 I began the long sleeve top before I left to go home, like 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I already have the half of it, a big improvement to me because I get easily bored, but the pattern helped, it's really easy but it's kinda tiring because I'm crocheting all the sleeves and "body" together so it's like forever to make a round.but I know I'm going to complete it... this time.

 And I also began to read again, I'm reading Las mil y una noches, One thousand and one nights, I first read the whole book when I was in high school I guess, and I started again now, it's said if you read the same book after 10 years, it changes the whole meaning, (like with the Le Petit Prince, it's been more than 10 years, I should read it again), so this book is somehow special to me, it's kinda old, it has this yellowish color and it's from 1975, my dad bought it when he was in college here.

Another thing I've been doing in this long college break is... to cook "real" food every day, like more than 1 or 2 steps food, not including just "open the package and boil" or the simple one " take the phone and order" so I think it takes more time and waiting and preparation but it's more special and cheaper and I guess I'm losing weight lol. I don't know what is going to happen next week when I start school, and I spend the whole morning there... probably I'm going to be too tired to just take the knife and dice, but I'll see.

Last one but not least, I finally started a pattern making course, I'm so excited, I always wanted to learn the "good way" because since I was young I taught myself from magazines and craft shows but it's good to know how things are really made, before I took just a pattern and cut, now I learning how to make that pattern and modify it, I have so many drafts I want to make real. I also brought my sewing machine from home, it's funny that is the same age as me, my mom hardly used it, it works really good, someday I'm going to post my first attempts at sewing.

Anyways I made a little friend to help me.
I took the pattern from the Wolfdreamer of the hook's blog, and I love it, it's been really useful, I thought the pins would "get lost" in the yarn but so far is so good. I lost practice in embroidering though.

I'm trying to make a Puzzle Bobble amigurumi, I can't believe nobody else has done them, they are so cute.


  1. Nice to see you again too!, it's been a hell of a busy month with school and trying to get things done, sorry for disappearing.
    I've been still reading your blog though but I was surprised I didn't see you post something in a while, too bad you don't have it anymore :/
    If you ever come back to the blog world, I'm going to be here, It's been really nice talking to you :)
    All the best

  2. I'm immortal and NailWood too. I've got 2 another blogs, so I can't be very active user on each of it. So I've locked it for a short time, cause in that way I don't feel I'm doing nothing with it.

  3. Hey you!!, I'm here, counting the days for winter break, I have so many things to post but I can't help it, I keep procrastinating it till I have something solid :p.
    How have you been?

  4. Cute cute! Im glad you finally start the course, you have a great talent and you have to explore it and..(como decis explotar un talento?).
    And i really happy for being in touch with you again, you are the only real friend with brain (that doesnt sound good but its true, i cant speak anything serious with no one here).
    No viene al tema jeje.
    See you then! i'll keep reading you xD

  5. Hard to say. My attention is still for learning miscellaneous skills related to music (I'm reading a dictionary of literary terms and it works when it comes to writing lyrics :p ). You know, I was kinda "missing" you. Weird, I know. But I'm an Aquarius, so please forgive me ;)

  6. Me too, and im leo, so proud they just call me,left me a messenge,invite me (my english is getting worse,sorry about that)i wont say no,at least that i dont have money wich is most of the time,but i can see you anyways,manyways,we cant lose ourselves :D

  7. Hehe hey girls! a bit of confusion here?.. I'm a virgo :p
    Mery this is Pau, friend and old college classmate a metal fan too, Pau this is Mery, a blog friend, she is from Poland, fellow metal/rock lover and don't worry cos we are all non native English speakers lol.

    Mery that's awesome that you are still focused in music, I'm looking forward to read some of your lyrics, you should upload a video of you playing or something :p. And no worries, my dad's an Aquarious too hehe. I'll try to keep posting stuff regularly (I know, I always say same sh*t lol).

    And Pau, yeah, haha remember those shopping days? I miss hanging out too. Sacul told me we have to set a day to go out.

  8. Nice to meet you, Pau! :)

    Hm.., why awersome? When it comes to uploading something, I'll think about it when I'll get my OWN piano and will learn to play really fluently. And get the camera, of course :p Lyrics... yeah, why not. I don't have plenty of it, but I'll try to choose something :)


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