Thursday, September 16

I wish I had a grandma

Today I bought double point needles because I saw these cute birds online, I instantly felt I should make these for my mom, Mother's day is coming in October so I think she would love them.
They look sooo complicated but I like challenges... and for long I wanted to try to knit with dp needles.
When I saw the abbreviations on the pdf I was like o.O... KFB, M1.. what's that?! so with the help of my good friend youtube I looked those oddities up and also, of course, how to cast on with this bunch of needles.
Anyways the reason for this post name is because I found this video who helped me a lot, of course I watched a billion times till I get it, a few times I felt frustrated and wanted to quit but for some reason I had to keep trying.
The thing is, the lady from the video... her hands and the way she explains, made me feel nostalgic.
I don't have grandparents, my grandfathers died before I was born and grandmothers passed away when I was 5 or 6. All people who knew them, always tell me how I look alike to my dad's mom (I happen to saw a picture of her, and it's totally true although a bit scary lol) and also, when one of my parents see me crocheting, or knitting or sewing, they tilt their heads and say "you are so like your grandma". Both my grandmas were craft lovers, they knew all sort of things related to that, in those ages you had to also they taught you that in school. My mom's mom used to crochet, knit, sew and embroider, I saw beautiful pieces that my mom had stored. My dad's mom also painted and drew, maybe I will take pics of their stuff and make a post someday.

Somedays I feel really sad because I wish they were here with me, teaching me how to do stuff, how to get better at it... or tell me how bad I am :p.
I'm the only one in my family who actually does (or tries) to do the stuff they did, so I feel lonely. When someone talks about this topic, my eyes get teary and then my mom says: "grandparents are a big important part of a child's life"... "ok, that doesn't help", I say and then she makes me remember what year is and the fact that if my grandmas were alive, they would be more than 100 years old... and yes, they would probably be too sore and ill but oh well.
This make me realize that I have to appreciate life and what I have now but sometimes I see how people are mean to elderly people or even their own family and it makes me feel so mad at them... there are people out there who wish to have what you have.

yiayia's hands 1/365
It's weird how you can miss someone who you didn't even get to know.


  1. Eh, everything I'll say would seem trivial here...
    I wish I could meet my father's grandmother, who in the age of 90 (or above?) rode a bike and could go on the roof :)

  2. wow... that's awesome! I wish I could see that too!


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