Saturday, December 3

Brownies and Pastafrola

Brownies and Pastafrola

I baked these two back in May and they were a success. 
This time I changed the recipe a bit.
Brownies: I changed nuts for inflated quinoa and also they are thinner, which made them be not as humid as brownies should be, but I got compliments anyways so it worked.
Pastafrola: this is the third time I bake this, never took pics of the last two because I suck at making the weaving, the dough is so sticky that at the end I give up and just roll the dough in my hands. This time I was smart enough to spread the dough between two freezer separator sheets and it worked. About the stuffing, it's always dulce de leche, the traditional recipe is with other jams like membrillo, last time I baked pastafrola, I got a little extra dough and baked a tiny one with membrillo jelly and it turned great when cut.

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