Sunday, October 17

Mother's day, away from home, again

Mother's day project
Finished the mother's day project on time, it's in my mom's right now, just got off the phone with her, she really likes the birds, her words were: cute, chubby, real and ... yummy (because of the gummies). When I go home this Christmas, I'm definetely taking a pic of this in her living room, I chose this colors because they match perfectly with her decoration.
She is a ric rac fan too, I don't know why I like this ric racs so much, maybe because of vintage feeling, too bad they don't make them anymore :/.
Anyways, the project was a success! 
I don't know if this is part 2 or what but I gotta say I wanted to make something different for the nest, tried making circles and strips to give the "nest cloth" a nice convex shape but obviously, it didn't work so I quickly chose the easiest way, 2 fabric circles with the ric rac inside, turn right sides out, then a nice lace ribbon and another ric rac ribbon and done. Finished with hot glue, moss and some dry flowers.
Thanks Katie from Duofiberworks for sharing the little birds pattern! While making them (it was my first time with dp needles so if I could, I think anybody can!) anyways, while making them I got this incredible creativity rush that I hadn't had in a long time, so thanks :>.
Now... I have to go back to study, I have like 3 exams this week which is why I'm not with my family, it's not that bad though, I enjoy my alone time... even if I have to study all this: (which I'm falling behind with, woops)


  1. Ohhhh, I know taht pain! Good luck!
    Hm, vovel lenght, devoicing, syntactic analysis... I guess it's about speech/language in general.. Now I know, who'd be a main critic of my texts :D (just kidding)

  2. hehe thanks!
    Vowel length, aspiration and so on are part of phonetics, syntactic analysis and passive voice are part of grammar, and the stuff on the right is language.
    It's a lot to study but it's worth it cos it's what I like *sigh.
    Haha well I learn from mistakes so it'd be useful if you have them but I gotta say you write perfect English!


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