Sunday, October 31

Some random words about Halloween

We don't really celebrate All hallow's eve in Argentina, I say "don't really" because there are some costume parties and some clubs and bars have halloween theme nights and there are some decorations in some shops too. But we defintely don't  go trick or treating.

I had to read about this topic for Language I, I learned a lot about the history, in fact, i didn't know it was pagan/catholic and Irish. But I learned more about the modern halloween from tv/movies, and lots more in crafts blogs.
I think Hallowe'en is interesting, fun and the only occasion where spooky things like spiders, spider webs, bats, and things that are not supposed to be "fun" like tombstones, skeletons, ghosts, witches, zombies, are allowed to be laughed at and played with. I mean, the only month when you can have spider webs in your furniture and tombstones in your garden is October. I think that makes it more... playful?

Actually I have real bats all year... squeaking and flying on my window, it'd be a nice prop if we celebrated halloween :p

Anyways I've never been to a halloween party, for some reason I always have my mid term tests in these weeks :/... such a pitty.
What I want to get at is... halloween would be the perfect ocassion to make and wear a Kitana costume without looking nerdy gamer. These pics are from cosplays... I'm not that videogame lover to dress up in conventions, I mean, I can't imagine myself going to take the bus wearing a night elf costume.

This is my favorite one... the color and fabric are perfect.
And this one completes it:


  1. So do people in Poland. Many clubs or restaurants organise halloween party, but it's only a few hour party, we don't celebrate it like in U.S.
    Poland is cosidered as Catholic country, so today we have All Saint's Day (idk how it's in English). It is common to go to the cementaries, leave flowers and candles, pray for dead. I celebrate it too, even I'm not a Catholic. I like to meet my family and light candles. I like cementaries too, of course :)

  2. Really? same here, more than 90% of the population is Catholic.
    We used to do that too with my mom, I'm actually a passive Catholic now but when I was a kid we used to do that for All Saint's day.

    I have a thing with cementaries, I like how they are decorated or the structure of some mausoleum. It's interesting how people put effort on "embelishing" something so painful as it is when someone you love dies.
    Last year when I was checking the city of Krakow in google earth, I clicked on a picture and it seemed to be a picture of the tombstones of those who died in war, I mean it's really sad but beautiful at the same time... beautiful because the way it was photographed.. and I guess there was also a black cat on it. It was a nice composition.

  3. I recommend you check photos of Powązki - very old cementary in Warsaw.
    I was there and lit candles in the cryptes of Czesław Niemen and Katarzyna Sobczyk (both great musicians), so I hope they will support me in my "battle" :) especially that mr Niemen and I born on the same day :P


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