Friday, November 26

A garment in less than 24 hours

I have this sleeveless top I really like because of the fit and length... so I copied it into a sleeve one... It was good because I got to remember how to make a sleeve from the patternmaking course.
It wasn't hard, a lot of pieces to sew but my pair of scissors didn't help from the begining... I need a new one, or even better.. a rotary cutter.. I always wanted one but they are kind of expensive. I think clean cuts make the sewing part a lot easier.

A blurry pic of the result... the neckline is not as neat as I'd wanted it to be but for a less than 24 hours garment is more than ok.

Today is the big day.. I'm leaving to Buenos Aires to Rammstein's gig tomorrow night. I'm going "alone" to a gig for the second time. First was Opeth and now Rammstein, I'm kinda.. anxious instead of nervous really. I'm going in a kind of tour the bar I go arranges, so there are 5 buses full of people going to the same gig... that doesn't make me feel so alone after all.

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