Sunday, November 28

I'm back and... everything hurts

 So I'm back from Rammstein... every centimeter of my body aches.. people were crazy and there were also no screens so everybody wanted to see what was going on and pushed and keept pushing.

The gig was really amazing, a lot of stuff, a lot of effects, fire, explosions, I wish I could have seen everything more in detail.. specially Mein Teil but I was in a sea of people and it was impossible, I always go to the same spot in gigs.. to the left side kinda near the stage but not close to the barrier, it's always "calmer" in that spot, this time I changed and went to the right and again, I think it's because of the fact that there were no screens that people were all trying to push to get a good peek at what was going on on stage.First time that this has happened to me :/
I can't complain... but.. truth is, I've had better gigs than this one, "better" like.. I enjoyed more or was more "comfortable" and where people were less "crazy".

After a few shots with my camera... and getting blur and hands and cameras instead of R+ on my pictures.. I got frustrated and didn't try to take pics anymore. I also stopped trying to jump and try to see the stage... so I just tried to survive and enjoy the music, the combo Links 2, 3, 4, Du Hast and Pussy nearly "killed us" like one guy shout but it was fun.

I still get full of adrenaline when I listen to Rammlied, it was the opening song so everybody went crazy and pushed, funny thing I felt like "damn I want to get out of here/oh yeah!!*singing and raising my fist to "RAMM - STEIN!"".
I keep remembering when Till said "Tiburon, Tiburon" (shark) at the start of Haifisch (shark), it was funny, I was like "huh?", I think it's great they have songs in more than one language, I feel strongly attracted to that.

I was hoping they would play Reise, Reise, Rammstein, Amerika, Engel, Sehnsucht or Spiel mit mir but oh well, it was all about the new album, which is not bad at all.

A few pics:



  1. You're kinda right; on the sides of the scene is much calmer. On the other hand, often there are loudspeakers placed, so I assume why people aviod this areas. But, you know, last time I said I'll resist, and I saw Angela on the stage about 2 meters from me :)

    He he, you must wear for gigs high boots with steel elements :D

  2. True, I forgot about the speakers, Rammstein played really loud, but I didn't really care hehe.
    Wow, that must have been great, it's amazing how you can be so close to someone you listen to and watch on videos. You seem to have good resistance, I always try but I don't stay long, I kinda freak out... although if the band would be Opeth, I would resist!

    Yeah, you know, I was thinking about wearing mine, they are not high though, and they are kind of heavy so I wouldn't be able to mosh and resist all those hours on my feet. But I saw a lot of girls wearing huge platform boots with spikes, they must be used to them...

  3. You know, in that club when I was spikes are not allowed :(
    Yes, kinda amazing. But something weird happened. I was to many gigs, including support before Arch (Totem - I recommend, by the way)but when Angela appeared on the scene I had a feeling it is not true,like I'm sitting in front of computer and watching youtube. I couldn't believe it all "live". Do you feel the same sometimes?


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