Friday, February 11

Hey February '11!

Wow, I've not written since November. I guess my mind (and body) has just started to settle down from the holidays... these months have been a huge trip, I had interesting days, trip days, doing nothing days, surrounded by people days, all on my own days, creative days, dull days, sick days, gamer days, again surrounded by people days, "leave me alone" days... then creative days again, lazy days and I guess we are going back to the old "study days" I had in November... which I hope these are as good as those cos I passed a really hard exam back then, and I need that again in 3 weeks or so, but this time is exam x2.

Dias interesantes, dias de viaje, dias de hacer nada, dias rodeada de gente, dias para mi sola, dias creativos,
dias de nada, dias enferma, dias de juegos, dias de estar rodeada otra vez, dias queriendo estar sola de nuevo, dias creativos de nuevo, dias con ganas de hacer nada... y volvemos a los dias de estudio... espero.
New kitty in the house, elder kitty gets mad


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