Wednesday, September 14

Stitch Along

 This is one of the stitch along projects I mentioned before and forgot to blog. Welovefrenchknots Sewing Room Sampler, there were prizes for those who completed at least 2 squares until August 25th.
  So I joined but not because of the prizes (I never win anything :/ ) but because this was just what I was looking for after blogging about my grandma Luisa's antique embroidery. I thought it was a great opportunity to get back to embroidery, so I did and I didn't win a thing but I don't mind, I wasn't expecting to anyways :)

Sewing Room Sampler -wip-

I plan on making a cardboard box to store my hoops and wips so this will make a great lid.
This is not an updated pic, actually I started to embroider the bullion roses, also to practice for the embroidered frame I'm making for my mom. And to test the colors, I finally found the DMC colors I was looking for so, everything seems to be as planned.

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