Thursday, September 15

Embroidery in progress and lots of words

WIP - embroidery for grandma

 This is the design I chose (I actually changed a few things of the original) to embroider for the embroidered frame for my mom, inspired by the beautiful work of my grandma Luisa.

 At first I was going to embroider a rose with satin stitch or a filling stitch, but then my dad bought me a new crochet magazine which is part of a weekly collection and in the last page I saw a pretty embroidery project and I instantly thought it was my inspiration for this.

 It's funny how things happen, I remember being worried about finding the right frame, I went store after store and nothing, and then one day as I was walking with my dad in BA, we came across a store with lots and lots of frames, they were wide and plain, perfect, like I had pictured in my head.
 And before that, when the project was still a vague idea, I was at a craft store waiting to check out, when I saw DMC 967 "calling my name",  it's a tricky color and they didn't have darker tones to go with but I just knew it was the one so I bought it and then after a lot of walking I found the other two tones, 3824 and 3341.

  About my stitches, well, I'm definitively getting better at french knots, I said I hated them but now I really like them, it's just matter to choose the right needle, the right number of threads and how you hold the hoop. My bullion are kind of ugly, I still can't get them perfect but, it's matter of practice and keep on trying.

 I like leaving the "ugly" stitches on purpose, I like getting a perspective of my evolution in this... in everything actually, my first posts here are a mess, ugly pics, and confusing words, I'll probably think the same of this post in the future but I think it's important to look back and find that you are getting better everyday.

Back to the coincidence of my findings I know it's a lot to write over embroidery floss and a wooden frame but, I feel the concept applies to every aspect of our lives. All this just makes me think: If it is meant to happen, it will happen.
Life is kind of a puzzle, you find a little piece to fill it everyday, you just have to open your eyes and follow your heart.

More words (really? aren't you tired, I write a lot :S) and creative images that need no words at ourcreativespaces


  1. Oh that embroidery piece is just beautiful - it almost seems to 'jump' out from the fabric. Well done, lovely :)

  2. Thanks for the nice words Mel! Have a great day! :)


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