Monday, February 20

Embroidered Frame for Mom

 Hideous pics, I know, they were taken with my phone, because silly me forgot my camera so here it is.... Christmas gift for my mamá. Pics don't do justice to the color at all, but I have to say the pleats are horrible lol, I think I'll make a pleat board next time. I just finished it before I had to travel to my hometown so it was clumsy and not perfect.
 But... my mom was happy with it, I think she didn't see it coming, my brother gave her a plant and my other brother a gift card so she was like "look what she gave me, she must have spent so much time in it, it's so thoughtful and it's so me" and of course my brothers were killing me with their eyes but truth is... men don't know much about gifts so they shouldn't feel so touchy, right?
Embroidered fabric covered frame

Embroidered fabric covered frame


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