Saturday, March 10

Banana Muffins

 Saw a recipe of a banana-coconut-dulce de leche cake on a tv show and I knew I had to make it.
It's very simple to make and the result is a very moist delicious thing.
I chose to make muffins (or cupcakes, I wonder what the difference is, maybe French-American?) because I wanted to use this cute cupcake liners I bought, I also made a pudding, cake, fruit-cake-with-no-fruit? (how do you say budin inglés?!) version
The recipe is in Spanish, but the ingredients are as simple as: sugar, butter, eggs, bananas, vanilla and self rising flour.
 The interesting thing about this is the crusty crust on top, it's a mix of coconut, sugar and an egg and everything has to have a layer of aluminium foil on top so that coat doesn't burn in the oven.
Banana and dulce de leche Muffin
 Of course I had to had my touch to this, other than making the recipe in different shapes, I figured I could add a filling, in this case little dots of dulce de leche ,like those store-bought muffins, with a disposable pastry bag and this funny tip.
Banana and Dulce de leche Muffin


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