Monday, August 17

Pretty Blog

Well, I finally pimped out my precious, out of sight and old blog, now, I have to fill it little by little *sigh*, I wonder where to start...

To post my works (crochet, knitting, sewing, jewelry etc) I need a good camera to take pics of them... and I don't have one (yet) so... I guess I will just post what I want to do next, with stolen pics of course.

  • Black Fingerless gloves/Mitones Negros, I should scan my draft but it's just a mixed of designs I found on the web, nothing too complicated, I started them, but I had a problem with the yarn, so I bought a new one but... it's still on the bag.
  • Black Legwarmers/Polainas Negras para Vale. Just basic ones. She is always asking me to make something for her.
  • An amigurumi of Kitty, I took the idea from here Gracias Sabrina por la explicación, veremos como sale :).
Fortunately this will be helpful for me... I'm the most fickle/inconstant human being that has ever existed and I can't help myself... I do play hookie... so this is my new challenge, to finish those things before summer comes and we start to melt like butter.

And one last word for the night... a dilemma:

In what language should I write my blog?

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