Thursday, July 15

I'm really bad at "emo/flogger " pics

Well, here is the hoodie, without the pocket, I think it looks good this way, I should take a better pic though.
And I realized I haven't post about the ... borcegos/boots I've been longing for long and that I've finally bought in my last trip to Buenos Aires, I'm wearing them in the pic  But here is a better pic:

Of course I ordered them without that huge platform, they don't look the same but they look good, specially now in winter, I love them.

Edit: Here a pic of mine:



  1. OMG !!...they are so beautiful ! hot hot hot much they cost to you?...very warm in winter i guess...winter (L)

  2. Hehe yeah! thanks :). They cost me 400 but totally worth it! And yes, specially now, I wear them a lot (L)

  3. I like your shoes, and generally that style :)


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