Saturday, July 17

A new addition

A new addition

The other day another friend "discovered" my "secret blogger" identity :$ ...Hey there *waves*.
Well Sakul asked for a green mushrom and here it is: Hope you like it

Green Mario Mushroom

Weird thing about it was that it turned out bigger than the red one and I think I used the same size hook, I unraveled it and did it again...and still still looks cute though but anyways, I made that brick box the other day... it made me feel like in school again, I printed a sheet of paper with the template and then grabed some markers and a pencil and colored it inside the lines :3, I like making cardboard boxes for some reason, I guess I like geometry after all...
Pattern from here

Ps: Yummy



  1. Hmm, secret blogger identity... If I don't know about your other blogs? ;) :D

  2. haha yeah, I have other blogs about some stuff I'm planning to do, but they are a complete mess!.. maybe someday I'll make them public :)


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