Tuesday, July 6

Satin bias tape... I wont buy you again

Hello!, I'm still struggling to give the final touch to my hoodie (pictured a bit in the last post), this satin bias tape is   driving me crazy!! it looks so nice... but it gives so much trouble in the V neck but... it looks nice.

Anyway, days ago I finished a scarf, last year my brother asked me to knit him a scarf so we bought this yarn with red-grey-purple colors on it, I loved it, so this year I bought some for me and I wanted to make something more... uhm challenging?... and I realized something... which is funny, I always read about "cable knitting" or "cable patterns" and always thought cable needle meant circular needle because of the cable/wire part lol. Dumb me, cable patterns are so simple. I chose this pattern which was very easy and after a few times I memorized it so it was knit really fast.

My braided scarf

And... I sewed this "tied up Voodoo doll wrist-pincushion", I've been using Mario's mushroom as a pincushion but, as I thought, it was kinda annoying to take the pins, so with the bits of fabric I bought for barely nothing in my last trip to Buenos Aires, I did this... I liked the idea of a voodoo doll pincushion, but I didn't like carrying the mushroom everywhere so I thought... why not a wrist pincushion... and even better with the twist of him tied up :p

Tied Voodoo doll wrist-pincushion
Tied Voodoo doll wrist-pincushion



  1. Oh, how I envy that you have been to Buenos Aires... "divine Buenos" - as Maanam's song tells...

  2. Love the doll !! is cute in a creepy way XD...did you do it?..

    What do you mean with satin bias cape?,i m searching but i cant find the post =(

  3. Yeah, I really like Buenos Aires, I've been there many times, specially for big gigs. I didn't know you like it :)
    Haha yeah, I made the doll myself, it's easy to make, you don't have to be very neat with it because it's a voodoo doll so it was cool.
    Oh woops, I was talking about the pic of the doll in the previous post, there is like a piece of striped fabric on it... it's the hoodie of the ... hoodie I made :p


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