Friday, July 29

Pinning while mourning my computer

dollhouse miniature computer table chair speakers
My computer is dead.. I saw it coming, she gave me signs...  Lately, she didn't want to run, sometimes she would go to sleep every 10 minutes or just froze, thought she was being lazy.
It's been fun these 6 years...  last year you almost deleted my hard disk where I store all my pics, music and projects, or that is what you made me believe for an everlasting week :S
 New parts-new OS-repeat and you are still bit--ing...
 I guess it's time to let her go and buy a new one... a compact one to travel with a powerful video card to enjoy movies and games. Or maybe she will raise from the dead... like many times she has.
Parisian Stories 2 - The Nerd 24
My marbles are still in place... not. Writting to a inanimate object is not sane.. I know.
Another insane activity (well, at least I share it with many others) I've been doing is... pinning, pinning, liking, laughing, awing and pinning.

I created an account at Pinterest, I found out about it at Smashed Peas and Carrots and I was like why not?.. to be honest, at first I didn't like it nor saw a good use in it.
I'm a very visual person and I love organizing, after making my first board... I couldn't stop :)

My first board is about all the pillow/cushions tutorials I had tagged/saved in my Google Reader, there are many of them I didn't even remember, so Pinterest is great for this.

<== I created a button, well, I changed the original color which is red to match the blog, I have plans to pimp it a little but I'm "computerless" (right now I'm at my brother's laptop and I don't have my stuff in here), not for long, I hope.
Right now I have 16 boards and growing... there is always something to "board", right? It's such an addiction!

Today, for instance, I got a good laugh thanks to this board Odd Finds (mature content)
Specially this pin, so simple, yet so funny:

And I created a new board of something I really like... miniatures!!
So... realistic o.O
Source: via Melina on Pinterest


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