Sunday, July 31

Purple & Cream

Purple and Cream Mosaic
1. purple and cream, 2. furisode - cream & purple, butterflies, stream 3, 3. purple & cream, 4. Purple & Cream

 Winter is not over yet so I thought I'd try to get some mittens done before Spring comes... I've been looking forward to try some stranded or intarsia knitting, found great patterns at Raverly and after a while of thinking, I chose Variamo, pattern is not a problem (yet?)

I'm in a sort of a color dilemma... I have purple yarn in my stash, it's been there for a while and I've been hoping to find a good use to it.

Now I did, but I also have the same type of yarn in grey and cream, the first looks good with purple but I want to save it for another project with black. I'm still not sure about cream-purple combo though (my cream is kinda yellowish and purple and yellow are complentary colors, that's why I'm not sure about that contrast) but it seems it looks good in Nature, love that first pic in the mosaic, so I might just give it a try and see what happens when both colors are knitted following the chart.

Purple and Cream Astilbe

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