Tuesday, August 30

Trip to Buenos Aires III -Found, Bought and Gifted-

One of the reasons I like going to BA is a materialistic one... the low priced and varied stuff!

Found, Bought and Gifted

Found on sale: scraps of fabric and cooking books!
Bought: self healing cutting mat and wooden frame.
Bought in fairs: antique silver pin, jade necklace, porcelain bowls (for me and a set for my brothers), gems (for my mom and a friend, not pictured) a multi tool thingy and a thingy with a mirror and magnet which is very very useful when sewing... I drop a lot of pins on the floor and this thing makes it easier to catch them all!
Gifted: my aunt Ana gave me one of her pretty embroidery hoops and a small rotary cutter!, which makes me think I've never blogged about the rotary cutter I bought on Etsy last year!

Cute Bowls

My set of bowls, all greenish to match my China (Hah! I just had to say that, I don't think people use that word anymore, like disco or cool)

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