Friday, October 21


 Just started to watch a video playlist about failure at Etsy, and this video is so me hah, after watching this I really gotta say procrastination leads to creativity, which is great! but in my case it also leads to start other projects and frog them again for other projects and so my list of half things done starts to get big.
 There is really no hurry to finish anything for me since I just create as a hobby, it's not a job, it could be but I guess, as the video curator says at the first video, failure is just being afraid to fail. And I'm afraid to fail or maybe to succeed too?

Key words or thoughts that got stuck in my head after watching this playlist:

  • If you fail, It's not a big deal, don't take it personal
  • If you get a door slammed in your face, don't try the same thing, improve, change, experiment.
  • Perseverance is also a key
  • Those people at the Fail Harder project must have gotten sore wrists after all that pinning!

There is always something random to learn, right? (besides the whole point of learning from failures)
I'm a linguistic sucker and as I was watching this playlist, I learned the expression "bull in a china shop" and it turns out bulls have been misjudged after all! I wonder if this is the case of "as mad as a March hare"


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