Wednesday, October 12

My experience with Spoonflower

Back in August I found out Spoonflower was having a Free Swatch Day, and I thought, why not?  The site was kind of laggy during that day so I didn't think much when I chose my swatch, I saw this cute Charcoal Guitar Damask design, so I "bought" it and hoped for the best.

 A month went by and nothing, this usually happens since I live at the bottom of the world and it seems my postal service is slow.

A very very good thing I have to highlight about Spoonflower is their costumer service, they instantly re ordered my swatch and sent it by FedEx with tracking service so I could know where the package was and a few days later I got it at home!
When I opened it I was delighted with what I saw, all the paperwork with a signature (it's "nothing" but it adds that personal touch) and the pretty swatch.
I can say now that I'm happy with Spoonflower, I don't think I would buy large amounts of fabric because of the price and shipping rates, I guess I would if I lived in the US. But my point is, what they offer is awesome, one of a kind fabric designs, you can print your own, and a variety of  fabrics up to your needs.

Back to the swatch I got, there is this question going on in my head... "what am I going to do with it?"
I've not found many swatch projects yet,  I think a quilt block would be accurate or something like this fabric frame.
I thought about making a cardboard box to store guitar picks and a guitar tuner, sadly I don't play guitar anymore, but it'd be a good idea to store all those picks I don't use anymore...

Edit 13/10: Found some more ideas!
·Ideas to using fabric samples
·A very long thread full with ideas in Flickr about what you can make out of a swatch
·And last but not least, I don't know why I've not thought about looking there before!, I went to Spoonflower then Connect and then Community and found a blog entry with the same question: What to do with Spoonflower fabric swatches?. I really like the origami box idea, I also like the pyramid pouch but I think I'd have to use a smaller design on my fabric, otherwise it'd not make much sense.

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