Saturday, October 8

A sweet book to "cover" in stitches

I got myself into a new "stitch along" project again (like if I don't have enough "half wips" already!), this time, a very very interesting and challenging one, The Covered in Stitches Contest. I'll try to get to the deadline, but it'll be hard with all the term tests coming but, again, I don't mind not winning, since I never do and I'm relatively still a noob at embroidery, I like challenges though, best part of it is learning and discovering new things. I've not even started and discovered a bunch already.

Like the book I "chose" or more like, it "chose" me. It's called "El prisma del Lenguaje", Through the Language glass by Guy Deustcher, it's a very interesting book, I'm a language junkie, so I instantly felt like this is my book. I'm very excited about it, it's very well written and it catches my attention (and I have short attention span!) and sometimes the author pulls out a linguistic joke so it's very entertained to read. 

I always look for pictures in books, (like a kid!), this book doesn't have many but it has some graphics about colors which was also a plus, I'm not too deep in the book yet but it seems the essence of the book is how people from other countries define or have different terms for colors, which is very very interesting, I can't wait to get there.

I'm buying the English version soon and nah, I'm not crazy to buy the "same" book twice, as a wannabe translator I'm aware of the fact that, specially in literature or language books, the original meaning and the creativity behind the words can become lost in translation so I'm really looking forward to do so, buy the original.

Oh... so back to the point (see, I have short attention span) I chose this book for the Feeling Stitchy contest I was talking about up there and at the moment I'm starting with the "foundations", I'm testing some colors and they are drying, so since I don't have pics, here is a kitty.

                                                                        Source: via Melina on Pinterest


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