Saturday, September 5

Jak masz na imíe?

I love languages... it's my thing, so far I speak 3 (Spanish, English and Portuguese). And I'm looking forward to learn French and Polish, and I'd like to learn German, Finnish or an Asian language.

I think it's essential to learn new things everyday, and for me, it's essential to learn those things on my both main languages (Spanish and English).

I don't know how (I never know how I find sites, I think the best sites are found randomly) I found a site to learn Polish, and then I ended in a channel on youtube, and that channel guided me to other. (I'm learning English-Polish, English-French and so on, I think it's easier that way because English it's a "plain" language)

They have pretty videos, and they are really easy to understand and practice. The channels are AbcSchoolOfPolish and travellinguist. The last one it's very dynamic and it has a lot of languages to learn from French, Spanish, Portuguese and German to Hebrew, Thai, Russian and many others. Each language has different categories, and each category has 3 levels, in the first one you learn the translation, how to pronounce it (they repeat like 3 or 4 times the word or expression) and how to write it, in the second level you learn how to pronounce it and you hear the word just 2 or 3 times, in the 3rd level you just have to read the word.

Other useful language tool is, I go there every time I have doubts, and I have a forum account so, if I want to know how to say, pronounce or define a word or expression I go there and ask and people answer me really quickly.
And also, if you want to know how to pronounce a word or sentence, you can type it in this site, IVONA and you can hear it in English, Polish and Romanian, It is a useful site that people recommened me on the Polish forum.

I'm learning fast, my dad used to tell me that it's easier to learn languages once you have learned 3 or 4.

Do zobaczenia, do widzenia :)

(Language family tree scanned from Almanaque Mundial 2006)

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