Sunday, September 13

Patterns for your gamer/sci-fi needs

I've been exploring over the Internet, and I found sooo many nice (and odd) things to knit, crochet, etc. Here the first post about what I found... all projects related to ner.. gamers, sci-fi fans and so on...

· Just... lol. Here the link if you wanna make this cross stitch project and more, there are also Wii, Nintendo and other logos to try.

· Space Invaders socks to keep you warm while you play!... I wonder if there is anybody who still plays this old arcade video game.

... And why not a cute space invader toy to hug?

· Battlestar Galactica is back... I don't know anything about that series, but here is something related to it, a Cylon Hat.

Super Mario!
·Goomba hat from Super Mario!, tbh, I don't remember seeing this little guy on game, but I have played Super Mario Bross, it is just a classic!

And to match (omg don't do that if you don't want to look like a nerd!!) a Mario Villain Scarf and cute green mushroom mittens (I love those but I would not wear em :p)
· Pac-Man!! <3
More free Mario patterns (and Pokemon's) here .

·I have no idea who Katamari Damacy Prince of all Cosmos is but here a baby hat (omg who on earth would put that on a baby? lol)
·Nintendo Case... oh memories...


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