Sunday, February 7

Otra cosa más a la lista...

... Otra vez, me entusiasmé con algo, pero por lo menos es un proyecto corto... y muy util... igual no lo puedo hacer acá porque no tengo la maquina de coser :(

... Again I fell into sin :p, another project BUT this one is a short one, and I'm pretty sure I'll finish it... of course as soon as I go to my hometown where my sewing machine is :/. I love this bracelet, it's perfect for gigs or when I'm around with pants with no pockets and I don't want to carry a bag.



  1. Is it your project? I think it's great and really usefull - especially when coming back home at night alone ;) I considered it in black with silver chains or studs... hmmm...

  2. Well, it's not my idea, but it's something i have in mind to do when I get hometown where my sewing machine is... and you totally read my mind about the chains, I was thinking the same, black with silver chains, sweet!
    I have this kind of necklace-belt I did once with chains, if I manage to pose and get a pic I'll show ya, maybe you could try to make one for you.

  3. I'm getting ol, or my computer... I didn't notice your reply. When it comes to chains, I made a necklace: two thick silver chains. It's great, fits all, but unfortunately i cannot weat it often, cause I'm allergic to the metal with which it is made :(

  4. haha, it's not you or your computer, it's blogger!, I didn't notice your reply either.

    Really?, I'm allergic to some metals too, so I just wear necklaces or earrings or rings for a little while. Same happens with some jeans and the metal stuff they have. My skin starts to itch, it sucks, I love metal lol.

    I tried to take pics of the necklace I talked to you about but it's kinda hard to take autopics, they get blurry and the chain doesn't look good, so I'll have to try again :p.


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