Wednesday, February 24

Me wants to go to Poland.

(..)Ja tańczę, a niebo, niebo gra
Ja śpiewam, prze-niebieski czas(...) - Pasażer by Coma
 So, today again I have this insanity feeling to travel to Poland, good thing my brother is cheering me up to go. But... money, is always a problem, and to make it worse, the country is joining the Euro zone in 2012 (nooo, I hate euros, the exchange with my money is pretty bad with dollars.. so it is worse with those euros) So, I have 2 years to save enough money to go as a packpacker, or a year to save money to go to work to the states as an au pair for a year, save the money and go to Poland before they change!!

 I have this little crush with Poland, I find the country really familiar to mine... economy, people, religion, and the language, which is different to mine but they share a couple of words, which I find really interesting. It's like Italy, I'd really love to go there too but it's like... it's way too popular bleh, everybody went/wants to go to Italy or France or Germany. I find it more attractive a trip to, besides Polska, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria...

....I had/have the crush with Norway, Iceland, Sweeden and Finland as well... but while my brother and I were looking up how much is a coke in those countries, I was shocked when I saw Norway's GDP per capita!!! 

Norway -> USD 54900 ... so, an average person wins USD 4575 per month? holy...
Italy       -> USD 31200
Hungary -> USD 19300
Poland   -> USD 15500
Argentina ->USD12500 (I don't care, I still love my country :) )

-Numbers from this site-

So again with "how much is a coke in Europe", we type in, the word supermarkety(s?) and after looking a while we found this cool site with lots of supermarketys, it was a relief, we were checking through prices and they are the same or near the prices here!, so it's a yay for me. Cos... today Polish currency is pretty similar to ours ---> 1 USD = 3 PLN / 1 USD = 3,80 ARG.
And while we were checking out the supermarkets in Poland, we checked the German ones, it wasn't that bad, it was actually kinda the same, but what is bad (for me) are the ones in the UK, pounds are like... 1 pound = 6 or 7 ARG o.O, so it's like a lot of lot of money lol, No UK for me!!! (although I'd love to check out those castles, but no thanks)

And I have the food checked, the accommodation too (I've been looking for info a long while ago, just in case and for daydreaming... ) the hostels are affordable and a nice way to meet people from all over the world.
I checked the legal stuff, thank God I don't need a visa, checked transportation too, same with the maps cos I like to know where I'm going to be, well, I always do that when I want to go somewhere, I did it when I was about to go to Chicago and when I did go to Brazil (although everything was already planned by the company), and this time I kinda did it too, but I don't want to be all excited cos I still have to get there, and the ticket plane is a complete pain in the ass!

This text/post is a complete mess, I'm just typing what I have in mind, and I HAD to get it out of my mind cos I have to study later and I kinda have all of this going around, and one of the purposes of this blog is to work as a "dreammmmagnet".
I've been excited about this new 3 year Polish course, and now I'm more excited cos it seems more affordable, but *sigh, I want to do so many things.. the daycare, the first aid course (for the au pair thingy that I've been looking forward since 2008)... lol and COLLEGE.
The day HAS to have 25 hours!

Edit 8/8/2011 I don't like posts without pictures so here is a funny one for this post. "In Poland all dancing is Pole dancing" lol (and it's teal <3)

Source: via Josie on Pinterest



  1. Euro... they wanted to introduce the euro in Polnd already in 2007, but in practice we don't have it yet. So don't worry, be happy! :D


    "czasami wolę być zupełnie sam, niezdarnie tańczyć na granicy zła, i nawet stoczyć się na samo dno, czasami wolę to, niż czułość waszych obcych rąk" title: Leszek Żukowski

  2. Nice, I still have time to go :p

    Leszek zukowski, that's the first song I've heard by them, it's one of my favorites :D, I love the guy's voice.


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