Sunday, March 7

Problem Solved

So, I solved the rug "problem", I had to unravel it, and do it my way, I made that one (the first one) following some instructions from an old magazine but... as I was making it, and clearly I could see, it didn't turn out well, so... I began to crochet it again following what I once read, something like: "if it curls, you need to increase, if it forms a wave, you need to stop increasing". And I also cut the white striped "yarn" in half, that way it was almost the same size as the blue one, that way I saved yarn and the result was better.

So it turned out almost perfect:

 Packed and ready to give it to my sister-in law... who actually loved it, I was so glad it turned out as I wanted it to be, it made my day.
Here is the graphic I used at first, I found it in an old magazine, the rug on the article was made with fabric strips and a mix of cotton yarn, which is not a bad idea, but I'll stick only to "fabric yarn" in the meantime.
Oh and I also found out how much yarn you get with a yard of fabric... less than 500 grams, so I don't think it's worth to buy and cut (I used this method), unless I buy it by weight on the sale area, but they don't always have good colors, and I was also looking forward to buy the fabric yarn from another city cos it's cheaper (1 kg = $10 and here is 1 kg = $13) but I lose when it comes about sending it, it was like $50 to send 6 kgs :/ so no way, I'll stick to the "sometimes" boring colors of the craft supply store.



  1. Beautiful made! ...The color pattern loved it!

  2. Gracias!, pense que iba a salir un buen negocio de esto, pero esta muy caro todo y yo lo tendria que vender más caro y no me gusta eso :/


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