Tuesday, August 31

212 Randomness and yesterday's sweetness

The other day I was touching up one of my posts (I can't help it) and saw this:

I don't really trust these things, some of them "catch" the IPs, others if you saw a picture on google images and so on, I think I'm going to get rid of these someday... but I really like the moon and the flags, I wonder how you called a person who likes countries and languages? Anyways...
Nice... 212 Polish views (I bet most of them are you mój przyjaciółka :p)... and tomorrow 1st... I'm going to be 22... yeah, random!!.

And about the sweetness... I baked tortas negras yesterday, I really enjoyed kneading, I used to do it a lot when I was younger, not for eating though, just to make a mess in the kitchen... sorry mom.

Tortas negras

Tortas negras



  1. I clicked that blue 'you' and there what's? a cat! meow
    Nice that you call me friend. Thank you.

  2. Hehe you are very welcome!
    przyjaciółka... so hard, I think I will have to cut my tongue to pronounce it.

  3. Don't worry, I still have problems with all that "sz" "cz" sometimes. Shame, I'm gonna to be a vocalist. He he try this: konstantynopolitańczykowianeczka :)
    (it's one of the names of marijuana in polish slang (?)and probably the longest polish word)

  4. omg!, aren't slangs supposed to be short? :p
    I can with the first part: kons-tan-ty-no-po-li-tann-chy-kovianeshka... the last one is tricky though.
    I googled it,and in a forum there were some guys talking about it, and there is even a longer one:
    Dziewięćmilionówdziewęćsetdziewiędziesiątdziewięćtysięcydziewięćsetdzi ewiędziesięciodziewiąty
    I'm in shock!

  5. 9 999 099 - it means something like this, I guess...


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