Saturday, August 28

Corseted vest!

Corseted vest

Wooho I finished this the other day, I'm so happy with the results... although it has lots of flaws but it was going to happen since it's my first try.

Mosaic Corseted Vest

Some things I need to keep leveling up:
· Cutting the fabric, I try to be neat but it seems that all my fabric scissors are useless, I've been thinking about buying a rotary cutter, I'd so LOVE to have one.
· Sewing stupid satin bias tape, yes... we met again, I had to use this tape to finish the armholes... since they are obviously round and the fabric wrinkled when I first try to finish them, my teacher told me the satin bias tape would stretch and finish it neatly.

Points to bare in mind for next time:
· The armholes were too wide on the front so I need to modify the pattern.
· The vest was also too big on the sides.
· Use thiner interfacing, which I kind saw it coming but I couldn't find other.
· Change the "homemade ribbon metal ring thingy" for pieces of fabric with eyelets.
· Go back to the basics! yeah, it's incredible, when I was about to give up finishing the armholes we had a black out and I was like, well I'll finish the "gapwhereIturneditrightsideout" and then I just went and finish the ends of the satin bias tape by hand, I wish I knew it before I sew the armholes with the sewing machine, I'd have done it entirely by hand but the thing with this satin bias tape, is that it is a pain to unpick so I left it that way.

About my inspiration, I totally love Sn@tch (virtual shop in a game I (used to) play called Second Life) and Lip Service, the first one I found it by chance and I was very hooked from the first time, it was like someone has made real all the ideas I have in mind or things I would totally like. And about the second one, I don't really remember how I end up knowing about it but it happens more or less the same, I really like some of their stuff, too bad I can't buy them though (It's going to be one of the first places I'm going to visit when I go to the states)
It's kind of funny but they both have the same looks sometimes, I'm not sure if the designers are just one but anyways... they truly inspire me.


  1. I recommend you check , it's British on-line shop specializing in gothic/punk/vampire etc. clothing. Maybe you'll find there some inspiration :)

  2. I forgot, I like the vest too! And that little cross. I'm looking forward to see one of the skirts made by you :)

  3. Wow, thanks for the link!!, I saw great stuff there and others not so much, I think I would probably sell my stuff there someday :p jk
    Thanks, I have a lot of ideas but I can't decide which of them make first!

  4. Yeah, that's good idea, sell something there :D If I was rich, I'd ask you for making something for me :)


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