Saturday, August 28

I finished my pattern making course!

Well, actually a week ago but I didn't want to make a post without pics...
So, first we learned how to make skirts (I made a post when I was about to), then how to make vests and here a pic of what I've done. The skirt is made with kind of godets.

It's obvious it's ONLY for practice, the fabric is cheap and I chose those colors only for sight sake :p, and also the vest is not finished, I don't think I'm going to unless I need this for a costume or something.
In those 2 garments I learned how to sew a zipper, invisible stitch, waistband among other things.
The teacher asked us to create designs for a vest for us, so I did it, he loved them, specially the corseted ones, I've not scan them though but we had to make them real so I'm going to make a post about it later.
Then we moved to shirts and learned how to make collars, sleeves and cuffs and finally a pant and then a dress.


I chose this pretty striped black fabric for my pants since I wanted to make something I'd wear, the fabric was very affordable and did I meantion it is striped?, it's a denim corduroy kind of heavy but it's for winter, I have trouble with the crotch though so I'll have to look for a solution on the net one of these days. Good things I remark is that I learned how to make pockets and also sewing the zipper, which I kind of forgot now :p
About the dress, I have this beautiful black satin modal top, I love it but since my chest is too... big it's kind of too revealing so I have to wear it with a kind of bandeau underneath, I still love the shape so I told my teacher I wanted something like it, so he taught me how to do it, the transformation was easier than I thought. And I'm testing the pattern on this cheap cloth before actually going to the fabric I have in mind.
So this is more or less what I've done on the course, now I kind of miss going there but it was going to finish someday.

Also I found this great blog in Spanish, El costurero de Stella, she teaches pattern making and other stuff about sewing,I had the exact same idea of her blog, start to explain the process of pattern making, I love that because I've seen other blogs that only teach the sewing part, which is very important, but you have to buy the pattern or already know how to draw it from scratch so I'm really happy I found Stella, I wish she would have started to write it in English too, I'm starting to rust since I'm not reading crafts blogs everyday so I'm kind of forgetting English sewing terms, I wanted to say "vista" and "cartera", I just can't find the words in my head... oh well... they will come into my mind eventually.


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