Sunday, August 8

I know it's late...

... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pau!! (although I already said it on text and on your facebook wall but I just wanted to say it here too :D)

Kitty PauThis is for you... let's say it's not for your bday cos I know you feel awkward with gifts... so this Kitty is just a random gift... actually it is but I've been procrastinating to make it and then give it the final touches, but Im glad it happened, I learned a lot from the first time I tried the pattern :p
I've been busy to take pics or to get things done these weeks, with my dad here and his doctor's appointments and with people working on my apartment, everything was a chaos (but the Goddamn parquet floor is finally fixed! yay!)

I finished this Kitty amigurmi the night before Pau's bday, on the 31st... funny I still have it but I think we will find the time to get together.
I hope you find the resemblance, I made a butterfly pin with this pattern (loved the graphics), added a black ribbon with a little bell and a lil chain with a star embelishment I had on my stash. Hope you like it!

Kitty Pau Rocker
Pattern from here

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  1. THANKS SO MUCH GIRL !!! is so cuteee !! and perfectly made =) ...and you're right i feel awkward with gifts and etc,the only thing that matters is to remember the day and never forget me hahaha...
    sorry for being around a little bit late...
    I hope to see you soon, and I hope you feel better and happier with you new floor =D yay !...

    PS: nice corset (the last post)


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