Tuesday, August 9

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery from 1930 pt 2

Yesterday I started talking about my grandma's Luisa embroidery swatches, this is a second part since they have so much detail and I'm still trying to figure out some stitches.

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
Different types of buttonholes, different ways to sew buttons, then flowers and stems made with satin stitch, the other stem is made with stem stitch and that's how far I got to guess this part, I'd love to know how that grid is made, though. I will have to google this up.

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
More pretty buttonholes, mending sample. Edit Aug/12 I think the buttonholes are made using blanket stitch so as the pink petals below.

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
More of what appears to be french knots but I'm not sure, they are not that bumpy.

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
The yellow line is chain stitch and that's all I know :p

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
That orange line in the back appears to be satin stitch and then pleats and lace.


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