Thursday, August 11

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery from 1930 pt 4

  And this is the last (but not least) part of this series I've shared in honor of my grandmother Luisa. She also made and embroidered huge blankets, of course using wool instead of embroidery floss, someday I'll take pics of them.
Abuela Luisa: Embroidery

This is my second favorite of all, this rose was made with satin stitch and no idea how the grid is made, bt I'd love to learn how to, love the look of this.

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery

This chalice (is it?) was made with cross stitch, an easy one to guess :)

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery

I'm not sure about this fleur de lys, seems to be herringbone stitch.

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery

And the center of this flower is obviously made with satin stitch, not sure about the rest though.

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