Thursday, August 25

Trip to Buenos Aires I

 I go to Buenos Aires once or twice a year, I just love the city, there are always new places to visit.

 This time I visited Tecnópolis, it's a huge technology fair, I was really impressed by everything, but still, there are pros and cons.
 Pros, everything was very... futuristic, a lot of touch screens, leds and fancy stands. Shows and new stuff to explore.
 Cons there were so many people that you could hardly take the time to read and inspect and enjoy it, also it was more like an encyclopedia, in my dad's words, I think it was aimed to people who are not looking for something specific, just a brief view of everything.

I took very few photos in this fair, from the few here are two which I think were worth to share here:

Teal car in Tecnopolis

Teal car!! :p if I lived in the 50's, I'd had probably longed for this car.


Lots of books! or "books" when I got closer they were just cardboard spines, But anyways, I'd love to have a floor to ceiling bookshelf!

There is a 3rd worth-to-share pic, I took a pic of my dad playing with a huge touch screen, which was a fish bowl and when you touched a fish, it would show you the description of the fish, I think it was really really cool and even more because my dad was born in the 40's and he always tells me how when he was a kid, a tv or camera was something futuristic and also the awesome stuff I'll see when I'm his age, that's the main reason why I wanted to go with him to this fair.

I also visited San Telmo, Recoleta artisan's fair, Recoleta Cemetery and some other non so touristic places.
Pareja Bailando Tango - San Telmo
The obvious snapshot when thinking about BA (well not really to me, when I think of BA, I always think of  Parisian buildings and low-priced stuff :p)
This was in San Telmo, a very antique (and touristic therefore expensive) neighborhood, there is an artisan fair here in which I bought a really nice Jade necklace.
And now that I remember, when walking through its streets I stumbled upon a Danish church, my polyglot me was so excited and even more when I read Danish lessons were given, well, too bad I don't live in BA, but maybe someday I will. Skaal!


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