Wednesday, August 10

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery from 1930 pt 3

Another sample of my grandma's, this looks so modern, specially the butterfly and the purple work at the end, let's see what I identify.
Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
This one was easy, different types of smock stitch.

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
Curved pleats, leaf made with stem stitch, pretty butterfly made with french knots, satin stitch and stem stitch, I'm not sure about the brown stitch though. Edit Aug/12 I think the brown stitches are blanket stitches very close to each other.

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
Those two blue lines are made with chain stitch and I have no idea about the yellow and light blue ones.

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
No idea about these ones... I think my mom told me the last ones were called "fly stitch" but I looked it up and it's not the one, they look like bunnies to me :p

Abuela Luisa: Embroidery
And this is one of my favorites, it looks like a satin cord, I saw something like this at Shiny Happy World with the name of Couching


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