Sunday, August 7

My ugly Fair Isle

I don't really like checking my gauge, but this time swatches were very important, to count the stitches, also for practice and to loosen the hand.
The first swatch was knitted using Endpaper Mitts Chart, not too bad, but I was obsessed with NapkinPoem's tapestry chart. Turns out both charts are made for fingering or sport yarn, my purple and cream are worsted so there are less stitches to knit, less fancy the design.

I tried drawing my own (didn't take pics, they are messy) but it's hard to get smooth curves and designs in so few stitches then I thought for a moment I had hope with a new chart I found, Ithilien Brocade, such a pretty name and it does look pretty.
 I knitted a swatch to practice (and also to check if the leafs were too big) but I get really confused with the "left cross (...)" and "right cross (...)" I can't "see" or notice when to make each. Sometimes I knitted it right, sometimes the cream went over the purple :/
 But oh well, I wont give up on fair isle, I have some sport yarn in my stash so I'll go back to try this again soon until I get it right.

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