Friday, August 5

Copper-Chloride Flame Scarf

Copper-Chloride Flame Scarf
I completed this a few days before I went home for holidays, 2 weeks ago now.

This Candle Flame Scarf pattern has become one of my favorites (if not my favorite)... the pattern is easy to follow and the scarf grows fast! After a few rows, I didn't need to follow the pattern anymore (well, just a few times to make sure I was doing it right)

Copper-Chloride Flame Scarf - In progress
{Yup, I use a clip to mark my rows :p}

At first I had some trouble figuring it out, specially the first row but once I did, the rest was cake. Other problem I had was the grafting but I found a great video which helped me a lot (I can't find the video I've used for this scarf but found this one: Kitchener Stich which I've watched to make my birds), actually grafting is so easy that I wanted to do more but the scarf was not too wide :p (while looking for that video I found a very interesting video about grafting a seam with knits and purls, I'll keep this link here since youtube search is not working very well)

I love the texture and great thing is that it looks good on both sides.
Copper-Chloride Flame Scarf

And of course I love the yarn, it's very soft and the colors... teal/green/grey/dark grey/black, are perfect.
Copper-chloride?... well after I checked the other projects for this pattern, some people used red/orange colors, hence the name, candle flame, since I had green I wanted to know if there was green flame... and indeed there is, found this great post Colors of Elements in a Flame and there it is... my beautiful Copper(II) Chloride flame:
 "A bright green color is imparted to the flame by copper(II) chloride. (...) Usually copper salts other than the chloride are emerald green and copper chlorides are azure blue, but in this case the chloride appears emerald green."
Nerdy, I know... but I can't help it, I'm curious!


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